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Club Fat Ass contests and member challenges.

Go, Mudrunner, Go!

Glenn Pace

Glenn Pace's webpage for his solo 24-Hour-Relay run of 110 miles is now up.

Please give early, give often, for this worthy cause:

Point Series Poll Results

A big, fat "Thank you!" for voicing your opinion regarding the proposed changes to our point series.  The verdict is in. Your feedback overwhelmingly supported  the proposed refinements and your creative suggestions made a few more.  Here are the amendments: 

Kintec Footlabs Announces Playoff Hockey Pool

Win Great Prizes and Bragging Rights for the Year!

1st Prize: Couple's footwear package ($300 value)
2nd Prize: Footwear and sock package ($150 value)
3rd Prize: A pair of Sole supportive sandals ($75 value)

How do I play?


This is what a spin-a-ton looks like

Thanks to all supports.  Club Fat Ass team raised about $1,300 out of the $110,000 raised during the entire event.

Cyclebetes Spin-a-Thon

Only 4 day to go until Cyclebetes 24 hour spin-a-ton.  

Mudrunner loves Cacti!

Club Fat Ass - Travelling Colours Contest 2009 - Mudrunner loves cactiMudrunner and RunRik were the first to get their 2009 Club Colours on a road trip ;-).  Love this one.  

Santa Fe 09 051

Nordic Skiing/snowshoeing Photo Contest

This just in from Steve Threndyle, first time Capilano Canyon Night Run participant:

Hey, Nordic skiers! Get the picture, then post on-line at www.bcnordic.com and win fantastic prizes!

BC Nordic launches photo contest with fantastic holiday prizes to Whistler and Kimberley, Nordic racing camp at Silver Star, and spa/ski retreat at The Hills Health Ranch.

Michele's Rehab Resolutions 2009

A string of injuries (priformis, hamstring, SI joint, IT pain, hip socket pain/restriction , a mild groin pull . . . ) and a diagnosis of breast cancer have kept me from really attacking my running goals this past year. Seems I can beat cancer, but not the various leg maladies I’m still sporting. Could it be the fact that I continued to run, walk, ski throughout all my injuries and treatments? Hmm. Or that I was not always religious or exacting in the performance of my constantly evolving repertoire of physiotherapy exercises??

New Years Resolution Contest - 2008

And the winner is...Baldwin! 

Baldwin rated himself 91% on achieving his resolutions for 2008.  I was tempted to deduct some points for not washing his CFA collectors shirt all year, but his lead was impressive and he truly deserved his win. 

Baldwin received a pair of running shoes from Club Business member, Kintec Footlabs.

You can see Baldwin's winning resolutions, and all of the other ones for 2008 below.


Seems Daunting When You List Them All Out

It really does seem daunting looking at them all. As I was scribbling them out, I got the warm fuzzy feeling, but as I look at the entire list, its a little more chilling than I thought it might be. Ah well .... looking forward to the challenge


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