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Reports, results, photos from Club Fat Ass scheduled and flash events.

The Bagging of Apodaca

Mount Apodaca. A-po-da-ca.  Sounds like some exotic peak in the Pyrenees or maybe the South American Andes, doesn't it?

In fact, Apodaca is a pimple on the face of Bowen Island.  OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration... it's a festering boil on Bowen's butt end.

2011 - Enduro Year 9

April 30 2011 - 30 Starters

Results - Marathon Shuffle - 2011


17 April 2011 - Starter Photo

Tenderfoot Boogie training run #3 report


9 Ways to Not Train for the Vancouver Sun Run
















2011 Golden Ears Orientation Run Report

Club Fat Ass - Starter Photo - Golden Ears 5Peaks Warm-Up Run

Training run #2 report

It's been said: 

Never a dull moment when you go out on one of Gottfried’s training run.

2011 - Year 6 - Burnaby Mountain Run - Results


9 April 2011 - Starter Photo - 8 Starters - 8 Finishers

Don't forget to put the Chuckanut Calf Cramper on your run calendar for Saturday, May 28th!

This year's course will feature more runnable terrain than last year's ridiculously steep course! We'll hope for great weather and awesome views of Bellingham Bay, but take whatever comes our way! I'll have updated course details listed by the end of April, so start getting your carpools together!


First Tenderfoot Boogie training run

As usual we had another good day for our first training run for Tenderfoot Boogie.
Fifteen high performance running machines showed up.
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