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Ryan's 2008 Fitness Resolution List

In this upcoming year, 2008, I want to focus on overcoming the injuries I have suffered through over the last couple of years.

To accomplish this my goal is daily practise of pelvic aligment, core stabilisation and stretching, especially of chronically tight hamstrings and hips. Also use of the Indo Board and balance drills to improve alignment and balance.

In addition one of my main goals is to fully incorporate cross training into my weekly workout schedule. The main activities being

Ean Jackson's 2008 Fitness Resolutions

One of my BHAGs (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals) is to run my 100th ultramarathon during my first year in the 50+ age group. That would be 2008. Given that I'm now on track with 94 ultras under my belt, I'm soon going to have to pick the run I celebrate as my 100th.

For nobody other than myself, here are my draft 2008 fitness resolutions:

Running events:

Sibylle's 2008 Fitness Goals

I know, I know...it's a bit early to post New Year's Resolutions... but with the rain a nd fog we've had lately it almost feels like it is November and time to get ready ;-) 

I foolishly posted my musings about 2008 a while ago including some lofty goals.  Since we actually have a contest going for New Year's Resolutions Ean has bugged me ever since to post my goals in the contest...So here I go:

Alamo Fat Ass

Alamo Fat Ass

Don't mess with Texas...Glenn deals with the authorities at the Alamo - Austin, Texas

2007 Point Series Standings Updated

The  2007  CFA point series standings have been updated.  Check out the contest page to find out who is in the lead.

If you are unfamiliar with our Point Series you may want to read up on what the contest is about and how points are allocated.  When you participate in a scheduled CFA event, you automatically enter the contest...and the fastest will not win!

It's Voting Time

It's voting time for the Traveling Colours Contest.  Which is your favorite photo of the 2006 Club shirts in action?  Click here to find out more and vote.

Carlos' Resolutions Thus Far

My resolutions this year:-

Forgeting about trying to convert my training runs into miles or kilomtres, well that was very easy, so that one doen't really count...

I didn't manage to up my training runs over 10 hours per week, my average this year was 10 hours almost bang on 10, so no real upping... 

Make one of my runs at least 4 hours.(This I had to do as my work was encroching on my training!)

Get in some dawn running in the spring. (That worked well, I managed to do some doubles, running with my wife!)

Almost Annual Achievement Achievements??

OK, so its getting close to the end of the year, which means that I have to actually report on my list of goals and the progress I made....here goes...

Ean Jackson's 2007 Fitness Resolutions

It's Sunday 31 December 2006.  I just assessed my 2006 fitness resolutions and gave myself a 75% or "C" grade.  Room for improvement!

2006 Media Spirit Challenge at Wendy's Get Your Fat Ass Off The Couch


Media Spirit Award Presentation


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