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2008 Contest Winners

The year is coming to an end and with it our annual contests.

There have been some interesting battles going on, secretly collecting points, promoting the travelling colour contest photos on Facebook and Flickr by the top contenders and rather foul smelling conclusions to the unwashed collectors shirt...but I am drawing the line now.  Here are the winners:

Sibylle's 2009 Fitness Goals

I've been rather timid announcing any athletic goals for 2009.  After my injury streak from last year, I didn't want to jinx my training with any lofty aspirations...

But, I guess I should put my plans for 2009 down, it's so easy to loose track:

Goal #1: Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50km, ideally beating my time from 2008 (please note, because of the adverse conditions we will experience for this event, I will give myself credit for partial completion)

Ean Jackson's 2009 Fitness Resolutions

Last year was one of false starts and injuries.  As I write these resolutions, I am rolling and icing a left foot that is messed up with plantar fasciitis and a bit miffed I won't be able to run 50K on New Years Day.  Ah, but the glass is half-full...

2009 is going to be a year of getting back on the program, lots of fun runs with old pals and new, and because I didn't do it in 2008, the year I complete my 100th ultramarathon run (currently at 96).  Here are the specifics:

Bradley's Resolutions 09

New Years Resolution

Starting at the bottom of the fitness ladder...

I suppose we each have to start _somewhere_ and in so doing I choose to start here, at the bottom rung of my fitness goals.

Well perhaps not quite at the BOTTOM rung, but at least somewhere near that lowly starting point.

I'm a 35 year old gal who has a few lofty but achievable goals.

1. Finish the next 6 months of my 10 month Certified Dental Assisting course at VCC downtown (its a full time and VERY intense experience).

2. Be able to run 2.4 km in 15:25 minutes or less (13:27 minutes being an ideal goal)*

Claudia Bullington's 2009 Fitness Resolutions

1. - Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 km & Freeze Your Fat Ass Swim - CFA - Jan 1 / 2009.

2 -Participating in one Club Fat Ass events per month (or minimum 12/year)

3. Diez Vistas 50 km Trail Race Run in April

4. Do at least 60% of training for Knee Knacker (if I get in) on that deffect, do local trail races.

5. Knee Knacker in July (assuming I get in) - if not - run another 50 km race in Canada/USA

Travelling Colours Contest Needs Your Vote

New Year's Resolution Contest 2008 Coming to an End

The 2008 New Years Resolution Contest is coming to an end...less than 8 weeks to the end of the year! 

Contestants are asked to look at their original resolutions and provide an update either as a blog post or as a comment on their original resolutions. 

You can check out any musings related to the contest here: http://www.clubfatass.com/blogs/new-years-resolutions-2008

Easter Seals 24 Hour Relay Outcome

I've been trying to hammer out a race report, but as usual, it's going to be as long as the event for which it's written.....so far I'm thinking that it'll be 6 or 7 pages.

I know, I know...another Shogun.

For those who've asked for immediate gratification (albeit 3 weeks late), here's the Reader's Digest version:

The weather was stellar.

Logistically, it was more like a Fat Ass event...I had to supply my own grub (I never realized the close similarity that an aid station has to a Superbowl party until the Safeway clerk pointed it out).

Travelling Colours Contest

Gilles and Lucinda on their way to the now cancelled WS100

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