Club Fat Ass is a grassroots sports club with a worldwide vision. Our members host trail running, triathlon, cycling and other "active lifestyle" events for fellow members. Club events are fun, physically challenging, environmentally friendly and emphasize camaraderie as much as competition. Each event is a reflection of the unique personality of the Event Host. All Club events are free to Club members. Membership is open to anyone who enjoys playing outdoors. Join us!

Training partners wanted by new Vancouverite

Hi, I'm new to Vancouver and am looking for other trail runners to train with. Anyone out there open to another person joining their group? I'm interested in running anywhere from 8-10km up to 25-30km per run.


Maritime Fun Run

It's not a Club Fat Ass event, but it's a Maritime Fun Run [there will be folks from NB, NS & PEI] on October 01, 2005.

Night Running

One of the reasons I run is so I can do stuff like the Forbidden Forest Run. This is a photo from the finish of the 2005 FFR and that's Scott Riddell, Dom Repta and Tim Wiens about to go for a well-deserved pint.

True, it's dark. In fact, it was inky dark. We are also running on trails... something most runners wouldn't think of doing in the night out of fear of falling and breaking their necks.

Race Report & Life Saving Story

The Squamish Scrambler race report has now been on the results page.  Sorry about the length but we definitely had a story to tell!

Geoff, saving lives again!

So, what happened? I notices that 13 started and all returned... that is always good. I will wait for Gary's report to find out more. You guys are the best!

I am no longer a 100 mile virgin...

I finished the Haliburton Forest 100 Miler in 28 Hours 24 minutes and 20 seconds, I had over an hour and a half to spare on the generous 30 hour cutoff...

photo: refuelling

For my first hundred miler, it was a learning experience.

Congratulations to Carlos Castillo for finishing his first 100 Miler

Club Fat Ass member and Event Host Carlos Castillos did it! He finished Haliburton Forest 100, his first 100 Miler. Congratulations, Carlos!

Only One More Days until the Squamish Scrambler


Point Series Updated after FFR and Fall Mountain Highway Madness

This weekend saw the second time in less than a month with not only one but two Club Fat Ass events to choose from and earn points in.

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