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Seawall100 2013 Nutrition Notes

For all those nutrition nerds out there, this was my strategy for the Seawall 100. In general my diet is pretty good. I avoid sugar, wheat, large amounts of high meg6 rich vegetable oil. I stick to identifiable real foods and avoid processed / junk foods. 

10 days before I bumped up the fat intake to get the body used to keto burning efficiently. 2 days before, I added more quality carbs (such as beer - beer is a quality carb right?) to top up the glycogen tanks. So the hope was that I would be good at burning both body fat and glucose....

Seawall100 2013

My first CFA event at last! Joined a few months back so somewhat overdue. Good to meet Karl, Sybille and Kyndra at the start. Also huge thanks to Margot, Sean, Sarah and Peter for 5 star support and pro photos to mark the occasion.
My personal goal was to improve on my furthest distance run to date (marathon) by trying for a 50km.

2013 Seawall 100

Bagger Challenge 2013

1 Apr 2013
24 Oct 2013
North Shore Mountains

My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here.

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Mutha's Nature Trail Run - 2013

 2013 - 5 Starters

Report:  Good if not small run this morning. Frank Wimberly ran to and from the start plus our 10+k (more like 12 probably since we had a detour). We all ran together and with stops and detours etc. we all finished together in 1:23. 

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