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Club Fat Ass contests and member challenges.

Reagan's 2011 Resolutions

Goals for 2011 Running Events:

Mike's New Year's resolutions

Ok ambitious I know but here is the plan...

Event goals

1) New Years Victoria 50k - Jan 1, 2011 - Complete!

2) Squamish Scrambler - Sat February 12, 2011 - missed this one ;-(

3) Dirty Duo 50k - Sat March 12, 2011 - Complete! 4:59:25!!

4) Diez Vista 50k - Saturday, Apr 9, 2011

5) Elk Beaver 50m - Sat May 7, 2011

2010 Traveling Colours Contest Winner....


Bill Dagg on Safari in Africa.  His series of images won the 2010 Traveling Colours  Contest. I especially like this one:
Bill wins a refund on his 2011 membership dues and a sock package from Kintec.

Reagan's 2010 Resolution Recap

Because of my mid-2009 return to running after a 17 year hiatus, my goals for 2010 were ambitious.

It's time to look back and evaluate how I did:

Sibylle's 2010 Resolution Recap

Because of a torn calf muscle, my resolutions and plans for 2010 were modest.  It's time to look back and evaluate how I did:

Goal #1: Vancouver New Years Day Fat Ass 50km.  
Achievement: Accomplished 100% - not only did I finish the full 50km, I also improved my time.

2010 Point Series Winner

I am happy to announce the winners of the 2010 Club Point Series.  Yes, we have a tie.  Reagan and Jess battled it out until the very end, but then, with true sportsmanship decided that they rather be co-champions than have a tiebreaker.

Refer a Friend Contest - 2010

And the winner is....

I am happy to announce that Rachel Fouladi is the winner of the 2010 Refer a Friend contest.  As a new member, Rachel talked 3 of her friends into becoming Fat Asses.  They will be forever grateful .

In case you wonder, old Action Jackson and Sibylle like to compete, but are not in the running...

Judgment Day

All of the 2010 annual Club contests are coming to a close!

Ean Jackson's 2011 Fitness Resolutions

Last year saw me with a ripped calf for the first couple of months, but otherwise, 2010 was a great year.  I completed my 100th ultra, finished a 100-miler and bagged 48 peaks in the Bagger Challenge. 

A4K and the Fitness Freaks

Hello my friends,

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