Club Fat Ass is a grassroots sports club with a worldwide vision. Our members host trail running, triathlon, cycling and other "active lifestyle" events for fellow members. Club events are fun, physically challenging, environmentally friendly and emphasize camaraderie as much as competition. Each event is a reflection of the unique personality of the Event Host. All Club events are free to Club members. Membership is open to anyone who enjoys playing outdoors. Join us!

2005 Club Fat Ass Point Series Standings

The standings for the 2005 Club Fat Ass Point Series have been updated.  Check out current results here.

1/2 Monty preview run Sunday 29th May

For those planning a visit to Victoria this weekend, I am planning a 1/2 Monty preview, (25K of rolling single track.) Meeting at the Mt. Work parking lot(detailes of the course and exact location on Full Monty page) @8:00am on Sunday 29th, May for 3 to 3.5 hours of fun in the sun. We will be running Bob's favourite G.T. Trail, Timberman to Joclyn and on to the Caleb pike carpark and the turn around. A Mini-monty option is available on this out and backer, you could turn at Joclyn.(15K round trip under 2 hours)

Subway 120K ultra.

May 21st Courteney B.C. Two CFA members did good today. This race is run as a relay of 10 legs with about 300 runner, and two Ultra runner! Ultra Runners: Two Distances are available, approximately 120 km or 50 km (start at stage 7) No one signed up for the 50K. Ultra runners compete in this spectacular and scenic run following the coastal road from Courteney to Nanaimo. Runners must be self sufficient, carry the necessary water and provisions or have a support person. No water stations are provided on the course.

North Shore Enduro

Less than a week to go before runners will tackle the North Shore Enduro in North Vancouver.

E/B Ultras

Saturday, May 07, 2005 E/B Ultramarathon Championships Eighteenth Annual HARRIERS ELK/BEAVER ULTRAS Hosted by Prairie Inn Harriers - Victoria, BC, Canada - May 7, 2005 OFFICIAL RACE RESULTS 100 Kilometre Division OA Cat Name City Age Time Pos Pos 1 MM1 Darren Froese Victoria, BC 45 8:17:02 2 OW1 Wendy Montgomery Brackendale, BC 38 8:37:51 * 3 OW2 Louise McCourquodale Vancouver, BC 33 9:50:21 4 MM2 Don Froese Lethbridge, AB 46 10:15:04 7 runners registered in the 100K Division, 7 started and 4 finished. Men's course record of 6:46:09 is held by Andy Jones set in 1998.

Welcome To Our New Website

Hi members and friends!

I am happy to announce that the new Club Fat Ass website was officially launched Tuesday 10 May 2005.

Traveling Colours Contest

Jesper Olsen near Kamloops during his World Run.

In response to a posting from me he writes in his forum:

Thanks a lot for the Potluck :-))) As you can see from my answer to Ean I MUCH enjoyed the compagny - and later came to understand that it was representative for the warm and supportive attitude that I have experiensed throught my first month of running in Canada !!! ...

Only one danger remains (besides the bears... ;-) ; that I will become so pleased with running up here that the thourght of running back to europe wont be appealing ! ;-) And we cant have me circling Canada for the rest of the decade ;-))

New Website Pre Launch


It's been a long time in the making and there are still a few loose ends to address, but I would like to get your feedback on the new CFA website at:

I hope to replace the old site with the new one in the next week or 2.

Traveling Colours Contest

Fat Ass Exposed on the East Coast!

Gary writes: "Hello guys, I just returned from a great 10 day vacation out east. It certainly wasn't like summer, but at least we did not get snowed on!
Of course I had to take a few C.F.A. photos while out that way...although I'm not sure if they meet your guidlines for acceptable photos?

Exploring Canada's East!

Fat Ass Gary Robins at Cape Spear, North America's easternmost point.
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