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Detour Bag

Saw little sense in running up Mountain Hwy for the Mountain Highway Madness and not bagging a peak, so I took a little detour at the MHM turn-around, bagged Fromme, then completed my single lap of MHM.

The trailhead at the back (north-east) corner of the quarry is easy to find with a red arrow more than 2' long showing the way. This takes you up the mostly runnable south slope of Fromme.

Washington Run-about

Finally back at the computer and the forgotten cable for my camera.
Photos from my run in the Alpine Lakes area above Leavenworth WA are at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/34231648@N00/sets/72157625027046425/show/ This is an area I definitely want to get back to and explore some more. Unfortunately this trip was limited to one night as Oktoberfest started the 2nd day I was there and no accommodation was to be had for miles.

Through the Dam Backdoor

name: Dam Mtn via Eric the Red trail
start: Grouse parking lot
peaks: Dam Mtn
finish: Grouse parking lot
estimated time: 3 ½ to 5 hours
access to water: Mosquito Creek, Grouse Lodge
bailout points: Mountain Highway, Grouse gondola
mobile coverage: varies, I couldn't get signal @ Dam summit but did down in the col where Kennedy Lake comes into view
proposed by: uh ...

Fromme: the dumb way

name:  Fromme – the dumb way
start: Grouse parking lot
peaks: Mt Fromme
finish: Grouse parking lot
estimated time:  a sad 5 hours for this insane route of only 11.2 miles and 4715 ft of climbing
access to water:  Mosquito Creek at the bridge, smaller creeks enroute – I carried 2 liters and had almo

H1N1 symptoms

A lot of the discussion at the Silly Chili cook-off yesterday was on the current topic of H1N1.   I thought I would post this as a blog entry, better to pass information than the bug itself.  The main thing is if symptoms are tending towards the H1N1 side, get to the doc for the Tamiflu shot right away!

Smokin homegrown

Despite how excellent the Grand Canyon FatAss adventure was, there is an definite level of comfort in arriving safely back home. Seeing Sibylle run out into the early Monday morning downpour looking for her husband, last to exit the van in their driveway, was heart-warming. We were more than happy to hand his sick-ass over to his waiting family and head off home ourselves. I was no where near as stiff legged as I thought I would be after the run coupled with the hours upon hours sitting in the van for the return trip.

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