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This is what a spin-a-ton looks like

Thanks to all supports.  Club Fat Ass team raised about $1,300 out of the $110,000 raised during the entire event.

Cyclebetes Spin-a-Thon

Only 4 day to go until Cyclebetes 24 hour spin-a-ton.  

CYCLEBETES 2009 – Club Fat Ass/Capilano Eagles Team

I am looking to put together a joint Team from Club Fat Ass and the Capilano Eagles.  Cycleebetes is an event to raise money for a cure for juvenile diabetes.   A team of 1-12 riders spin on stationary bikes relay style for 24 hours.  The goal is for each team to raise $1000. 

LSCR Gazebo

I am not sure what happened to the LSCR Gazebo but this is what it now looks like.




Found One Yaktrax (size small?)

I found a Yaktrax on mountain Hwy (gravel road) just past the water tower.  It is a well used yaktrax as the strap is missing.  It had a black shoelace in place of the strap.  I assume it is a size small because it just fit onto my size 8.5 men's shoe.  The shoe with the yaktrax didn't slip and I am pretending it  didn't post hole as much??  I had just order a pair from MEC (surprise they are all out in Vancouver and north van) and am looking forward to their arrival as the snow will be here for awhile.


South Chilcotin Mountains

After finishing Stormy 2 person relay the next adventure was the South Chilcotin Mountains.


The North Shore Mountain Bike Association is alway working with the Distict on trail useage.  The NSMBA has alerted its member about the up coming changes to the Fromme mountain trails. If you run on Fromme mountain you might be interested in the changes to the trail usage on the mountain.  I took a quick look at the report by the district and found it interesting.  There is lots of maps in the report and details about all the trail on Fromme mountain.  

The following is from the NSMBA newsletter. 

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