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The Bagger's Essential Companion


A few weeks ago while running the STORMY 50-miler, I got to chatting with my pals Rick and Ken to pass the time.  The Bagger Challenge and our experiences to date were top of mind.

5 Peaks/CFA Trail Running Race Orientation Run Leader Opportunity

5 Things to Think About When Packing for a 50K Run

The KneeKnacker (KKNSTR) is tomorrow.  It's a 50K (OK, OK, Enzo, it's 30-miles...)

For my buddy Steve, this is his first ultra.  With 15 hours to go before the start, Steve is suffering from gastrointestinal distress.  He's all stressed out about what to pack.

So what should he pack?

Jackson's 11 Hints and Tips for a First Ultra

I was out for a run on the Baden Powell Trail with a pal the other day.  This friend was a bit nervous about competing in his first Knee Knacker 50K.  We got chatting about hints and tips.  In case you are also looking at doing your first ultra, I thought I'd share some of those thoughts here.  If you've done a few long running races, please share your thoughts on my hints and add a few of your own:


Best Set of Stairs in North Vancouver?

Hi Everybody,

I'm looking for a good set of stairs to train on in North Vancouver, the longer and steeper the better. Any suggestions (besides the Grind)?



I am hoping for some advice from all those "smarties" ( not the candy) out there about training for a hot weather event....while we are in this deep freeze. I am training as hard as I can in this snow , so I can get the time in......it is a 45 km event....6000ft climbing trail run.....WHAT THE AUSSIE'S CALL A ULTRA !!!

Deep Water Running Class

This just in from member Kim Taylor who has taken this class and has found it beneficial and a good cardio workout:

This one hour class  will focus on correcting and perfecting your running technique while exercising in a completely impact free environment. The class utilizes common speed and track work out formats such as pyramids, intervals and fartleck training.   Strength exercises such as A’s, B’s and C’s  and other running pattern based exercises are used improve strength and muscular balance.

My Strength Training Program

Full Body Strength Routine for Running/Triathlon

- this is a strength training program I have been working on for myself and have found it really beneficial so though I would share

- do as many reps of each exercise as you can, one set is fine

- focus on improving the quality (form and posture, and going deeper into each exercise as you progress), before focusing on increasing the quantity of reps

Frosty training run

Hi everyone,

I am pretty new to this Web stuff so don`t laugh at me if I do something stupid , but if you really want to go ahead...

You may have heard I am organizing this great race Frosty mountain 50k ultra and 25k. I just want to get the message out, not just for the race but also two training runs that are scheduled for Saturday August 30th and Saturday September 6th. We are meeting in Manning Park at the Lightning Lake day parking lot at 10:00 or some of us should car pool from a yet to be determined location from Vancouver at 7:30

Should Ultrarunners Take Drugs?

As the closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics approach, I was reading Sylvie's report of her adventures at the STORMY 100-miler. She made mention of Advil, a brand of ibuprofen, also commonly known as "Vitamin I" to endurance athletes. A couple of the more experienced 100-mile runners I know shared their thoughts with Sylvie in the comments section. Since doping is in the news with the Olympics and the Tour de France, I figured the subject was worth taking a look at from the distance running perspective.

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