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Athletic Turning Points - The Challenge

WRT a recent review of a running book (Born to Run), I belong to a book club.  For the upcoming book club meeting, each member of the club is supposed to write a little story about a "turning point" in their lives. 

Looking for running contacts in the Longview/Kelso area of Washington

Hello fellow trail runners!

I'm going on a business trip and will be in the Longview/Kelso area of Washington next weekend (April 17-18).  I'm looking to hook up with some trail runners to either do a training run with or get some beta on great places to explore.

Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated!



Born to Run

"Running Should be Free" - Caballo Blanco

A little background before I get into it... 

Upcoming Core Running Camps and Clinics

Spring is here and so is running/triathlon season!  To help runners get ready I'm holding two special events, a one day running camp and a five week running clinic.  If you live in the Lower Mainland and are interested in improving your running performance while decreasing your risk of injury I urge you to attend one or both of these events.


On the Olympics and Training - Compete or Complete?

The 2010 Winter Olympics have impacted my training.  What inspiration!  What a party! 

Seeing world class athletes at peak performance in the most competitive events in the world has caused me to think about what could have been and what can still be.

FREE Fitness workouts - weekdays Mon-Wed-Fri - 12:05 pm

Check out the FREE Fitness workouts - weekdays Mon-Wed-Fri - 12:05 pm event starting March 1st.  These are structured informal body weight workouts with interval running at the end.  No special equipment required, we actually use the environment in a cool kinda way, so come on out and check it out.  More details on the event page - »

From Robson Street to Rice Lake with an Olympic Visitor

I spotted her and her husband on Robson wearing Asics, gazing at a map of Olympic events.

I asked if either would be interested in a trail run, and she said yes.

The next morning, I picked her up at their B&B and we drove to Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve. I pointed out the nearby Capilano Filtration Plant with pride while quipping, “that’s where our lovely water was purified by UV rays -- isn’t that fascinating?”

Looking for crosstraining opportunities? Try bobwheeling

Check out bobwheeling the new demonstration sport at www.bobwheeling.com

The how to video can be seen here

Come watch history being made. We're demonstrating our new demonstration sport 11am Tuesday at Granville and Robson.



Jackson's Planning Template for a Big Race

Blame it on injuries, kids, budget, time or whatever, it's been a while since I participated in a race that really, really meant a lot to me.  

I was so jazzed the first time I ran the Boston Marathon, I couldn't sleep for a full week leading up to it.  At the start in Hopkinton, I was so nervous that I pee'd down my leg.  (Yes, in a big crowd of runners as the announcer counted down!  No, I wasn't the only one, either!) 

Monday night speed work

I'll be doing regular speedwork at Point Grey Secondary track in Kerrisdale on Monday nights; would love to share the pain and have other runners join me. 

Time: 6:45 p.m.

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