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Club Fat Ass contests and member challenges.

Harry's Top-6 list of bagging adventures for kids

Trail-tested by a Third Grader

  1. Strachan (views, icicles, and gray-jays that eat out of your hand)
  2. Black (newts in ponds)
  3. Hollyburn (blueberries)
  4. Dam (good for night hikes)
  5. Gardner (good views; good food at end)
  6. tie: Goat and Artaban

Top-6 Best fungi bagging runs

  1. Capilano Mountain (1685 m)
  2. Mount Windsor (1689 m)

Mountain blueberry/huckleberry bagging top 15

The Baggers Banquet - My New, Official, End of the Summer

This past Friday was the first day of the rest of my year. 

I was at a business function for most of the day.   People I'd not seen for a while would come up to me and ask, "What's new?"  All I could think to say was, "It was an awesome summer, but sadly, it ended yesterday."

Given that Friday fell in the fourth week of October, more than one person was left scratching their head. 

Seven Days of Baggery Makes One Weak

I think I have Bagger's Fever.  The symptoms have been particularly acute this past week:

The Club of 100 - Canadian Edition

The Club of 100

(Canadians Who Have Run 100 Ultras... or More!)

** Note:  This list is mostly from memory and a few phone calls and emails.  Pls send me a note to let me know who I've missed or if my numbers are way off! 

Here (I think) are the members of the Canadian Club of 100 as of 18 June 2010:

First Bagger Rights? Complete Traverse of the Needles via Lynn Ridge from Lynn Peak to Coliseum Mountain

On Sunday I set out on an extreme route through the North Shore Mountains.  The first thing I should say is that while there are sections of the Needles which I highly recommend - particularly the part from Lynn Peak up to the South Needle and the Hydraulic Creek trail down to the Seymour Valley Trailway which have been recently cleared and excellently flagged by some hikers who deserve major kudos - but that at this point I could not recommend this route in its entirety to anyone.  The climb down to col from there and the climb up to the next peak are a worthwhile addition if you

Gaiter Dreams

Since I don't actually own any running gaiters (the kind that are light weight, easy to put on and off, repel dirt and dust and are the subject of Lucinda's request for stories, features and tweets), but only winter gaiters for hiking or snowshoeing in deep powder, my story (I do want to qualify for Lucinda's prize winning gaiters after all) deals with my need for gaiters

The Bagging of Runners Peak

Sunday 2 August 2009... a date that will go down in the record books for my buddy Rick and me.

It started innocently enough.  With just under a week to go before the STORMY ultras, we thought we'd get in a final shakedown run and bag a peak or two for credit in the 2009 Bagger Challenge.

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