CFA Event Reports and Results

Reports, results, photos from Club Fat Ass scheduled and flash events.

Downtown Dash Recap

The Wilder Snail is a warm, intimate neighborhood cafe/grocery set in the historic Strathcona neighborhood near Downtown Vancouver - what better place to start a Christmas Eve flash event that would span the urban jungle and along a rain and wind-swept seawall?

Cinny Bun Run Recap

.......A beach, some fast, rolling trails, and the best cinny buns around....

That was the basic idea for the 1st Cinny Bun Run, but I'll remember much more than that, including

1)  the stunning early morning blue-gray portrait of the north shore mountains framed by a glass-like Burrard Inlet

2010 - Pure Satisfaction Results - Year 8

Starter Photo - 12 December 2010 - 38 Starters

St. Nikolaus Lauf, Gluehwein and Christmas Lights


5 December 2010 - 10 Starters (- Pat, who arrived a tad late)


Report.  Pam reserves credit for the idea of the Nikolaus Run and Gluehwein.  10 eager souls showed up on my doorsteps to run through festive neighborhood streets, into the dark Capilano Canyon, along rooty, rocky and slippery trails and back. 

Seymour Super Fun Run - 2010 - Year 9

Starter Photo - 27 November 2010  - 46 Starters

Sweet Go Deep Results - 2010

FLASH: Grouse to Deep Cove Results


After a very rainy night we thought we were in for a wet run! Fortunatly, the weather turned for the better and we had a gorgeous, but slightly chilly run from Grouse to Deep Cove. Nothing else extraordinary occurred, though we were a bit surprised to see that part of the trail from Hyannis to the Seymour Grind had been re-routed. 

Good company = an even better run, and the doughnut and coffee from Honey's ended off the morning nicely :-)

A day in the life on the Seawall -- Seawall 100 a.k.a Seawall 'go as far and for as long as you can'

GOAL: To "run" at least 80 km and at least 12 hours at the October 2010 Seawall '100'

LEADING UP TO THE DAY: I'm new to ultras having only started January 1st with the CFA New Year's day run.

2010 Seawall 100 - Results

23 October 2010 - Rachel, Sibylle and Reagan ready to start.

2010 - Year 8 - Ann's Get Your Fat Ass Off the Couch - Results

Starter Photo - 16 October 2010: 35 Starters

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