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Full Monty

20 Jul 2013 07:00
Victoria, BC Canada

Bill's Great Peak Ascent -- New Start; New Format -- Only 2 1/2 Weeks Away

In case you haven't had a peek at the event site, Bill's Great Peak Ascent has had a make-over!   We've changed the start location (now the Grouse Parking lot) and we've changed the objective -- not just 1 peak but up to 5!  It's a peak bagger's delight and a great opportunity for noobs and old-hands alike.   2.5 weeks until the adventure begins!   Sunday, July 28th.   

Hope to see you there!


Reverse trail triathlon

Hello All

I am considering a format change to Mary Leliveld’s Happy Trails. As she was an avid triathlete I was thinking of putting on a reverse triathlon – which would be a trail run followed by a trail bike and then a lake swim. I am thinking that the run would be anywhere from a half hour to an hour, bike about an hour or two and then swim of about 20-30 minutes. You would still need to ride back to the start but I`m still going to call it a triathlon!  Please add a comment if you want me to put this on.



Kennedy Falls



Let the 2013 Bagger Challenge begin.

All peaks are now open for bagging in the contest.

Most peaks are still very snowy! Use caution! Bag with a buddy!




Ride and Bag Sunday! Ride cypress, bag HOL and STR ride to Lynn Valley bag LYN SLY

Don't know if I got the abbreviations right but you get the point!

Who's up for a bag or two?

email me at: adventuremikew 'at' gmail 'dot' com.

Also I'm trying to get BillM's contact info can someone put us in touch?




PEAK 2 PEAK Alpine Experience Season Pass - Special Members Offer

Special offer for Club Fat Ass Members, the PEAK 2 PEAK Alpine Experience Season Pass ONLY $54.95 UNTIL JUNE 30 exclusive rate for members of Club Fat Ass.

As a Season Passholder, you get:

The Future of Club Fat Ass

Dear Friends and Members of Club Fat Ass,

Success is killing us.  Over the past 10 years, CFA has hosted over 500 free events.  We've learned that there is a place in this world for free, low-key events that challenge us athletically, but emphasize fun, mentorship and camaraderie over competition. 

One Day on the West Coast Trail

Anyone interested in running the West Coast Trail? I'm looking at an epic day at the end of July/start of August. My pace is not stellar but I'm decent at slogging (average 50k trail race pace is about 7 hours). There are a number of very helpful resources (the report on here along with Gary Robbins' blog and other trip reports) but tips from those who have been on the trail this year would be appreciated.

The Full Monty - Special Call to all Mainlanders To Join In The Fun

I have been thinking a lot about this event as it is one of the few times I get to see you guys.

Victoria is a little out of your way, I know, but this minor problem is surmountable.

I highly recomend the shorter option, and have accomodated the "Mainlanders" by having an 11:00am. start, giving you an extra hour to get from Swartz Bay to the start.

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