Club Fat Ass is a grassroots sports club with a worldwide vision. Our members host trail running, triathlon, cycling and other "active lifestyle" events for fellow members. Club events are fun, physically challenging, environmentally friendly and emphasize camaraderie as much as competition. Each event is a reflection of the unique personality of the Event Host. All Club events are free to Club members. Membership is open to anyone who enjoys playing outdoors. Join us!

Lost Dog: Mt. Seymour-Deep Cove Trails

A beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog is lost and possibly in the area between Mt. Seymour and Deep Cove. Please keep an eye out if you're out on the trails. More info is at the "Find Ohly" FB page, including the following info of places to look if you're heading out for a run. 


Elk/Beaver Ultras 2013

The website is all up to date, http://www.eventsonline.ca/events/pih_eb/

Seymour Valley Sunday Run / Bike 25k

16 Dec 2012 08:00
North Vancouver

And The Lucky Winner Is...

I am happy to announce that this year's winner of the early bird registration draw (as determined by a random draw) is Rachel Fouladi of Burnaby.  Since first joining Club Fat Ass 3 years ago for the Vancouver New Year's Fat Ass 50km (and battling torrential rains and gale force winds) Rachel has ramped up her mileage and is now calling herself an ultrarunner and Foolish Gerbil. 

My 90 Days of Natural Running

No, I am not planning to run naked for the next 90 days...

Something has to budge.  I refuse to acknowledge that the wear and tear of 105 ultramarathons is why my knees hurt.  It has to be my shoes.  It looks like the one extreme of running barefoot has moved far enough toward the other extreme of running in climbing boots for me to try something a bit different.

"Natural running" is the term that is gaining ground on "barefoot running".  This mostly because "natural running" accepts that shoes are not our enemies.  

Flash - Foolish Gerbil Six Hour Trail Run

2 Dec 2012 08:00
2 Dec 2012 14:00
Pacific Spirit Park, Vancouver, BC

Pure Satisfaction

9 Dec 2012 09:00
North Vancouver, BC  Canada

Seymour Super Fun Run - 2012 - Year 11

2012 Contests Are Coming To An End


Our 2012 contests are winding down, but it is not too late to participate for a chance to win one of the fine prizes provided by Dave Cressman from DistanceRunWear.

Sweet Go Deep - 2012

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