Bagger Challenge in a Nutshell

I enclose a zip file containing tracks of the routes that will enable the initiated to complete the Bagger Challenge in 14 day trips. These are the culmination of 2 years of bagging and represent combinations of peaks that can be completed as day trips. Where possible I prefer to do circuits and have organized many of the trips in that way. In some cases the approaches to the trails may be driveable closer than is indicated. The routes all start from a paved road or parking lot.

Mad Mountain Man Maurer, Compleatist

We have our second Bagger Challenge Compleatist this year.

Only he did all of the peaks in a single year: staggering.

57 peaks in the 204 days of the Bagger Challenge: staggering.

Lead-Foot Longworth's rainy, rainy Lighthouse Loop!

Six brave souls (one of whom really didn't have a choice, being just over 7 weeks old...) braved the seriously torrential downpours this morning to run a ~4km loop of Lighthouse Park in honour of Lead-Foot Longworth's 31st birthday. We had at least one Lighthouse Park newbie (and it wasn't the baby!).

Top reasons why you want to be trail running in the rain ... seriously

I know it's tough to embrace the rainy days after 3 gorgeous month of almost nothing but sunshine. For all I know we had the driest August and Semptember on record.

So here are a few thoughts that hopefully will help you drag your tired self out of bed and head out when you can hear the pitter patter of raindrops outside the house.

Ean Jackson, Compleatist

With his bag of NNE and MNE, Ean Jackson joined the ranked of the Compleatists, who have bagged all 57 of the listed Bagger Challenge Peaks: a glorious and delicious accomplishment.


Only two others have achieved this feat; several others are approaching.

The Bagging of Hanover


Jackson Points to the peak of Hanover

Since I first became aware of Mount Hanover, it has loomed large as peak I had to stand on top of.  

de Pencier Bluffs (DEP) Adventure Diaper Bag with Jess

Earlier in the week, Jess and I were looking for some easy baggage to get in (with Sierra on back) on a Saturday morning before my son's soccer game a 2pm in North Vancouver.  Scanning our brand-new North Shore Trail Map (love it -- waterproof; tearproof; Sierra-proof), de Pencier Bluffs looked like a good choice.   On top of that, the weather forecast was continuing to look awesome for at least the next 7 days so we were hoping to get some good views in a direction we don't usually get. 

Mt. Seymour Bag

Marc on Mt Seymour

About 20 minutes into my attempt to conquer Mt. Seymour this morning I was heading into the fog and I was pretty wet from brushing up against some vegetation.

As I carried on I figured I might just get lucky and end up above the clouds ... yeah right like that was gonna happen.

Shortly before reaching the first peak though that's exactly what happened.

Capilano Birthday Bag


2012 Sunshine in September is CANCELLED

Please be aware that the 2012 Sunshine in September has been cancelled due to low registration and injuries. Thank you. Happy Holiday Weekend! Jackie

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