2012 New Year's Resolution Evaluation - Marc Schmitz

1. Complete (my first) 2 Ultras (maybe the Kneeknacker route plus one additional one)

I completed the Knee Knacker and Frosty Mountain (both were awesome races, but I think I liked Frosty even slightly better, due to the low key feel and the fact that I had never run any of the course) 10/10

2. Complete 6 CFA events plus 6 flash events (days of peak bagging would count as a flash event since it serves a club related purpose)

Sibylle's Year - Looking Back On 2012 and How I Did With My New Year's Resolutions


Time to evaluate how I did on my goals for 2012.  I feel even less than a runner and more like a cyclist now, but since I signed up for the 2013 Berlin Marathon, I better find the runner in me again.... 

Lost Bloodhound on Grouse Mountain

Ellie Mae is a Bloodhound. She was spooked by a falling tree at 11 am on December 3rd.

Jackson Gives Himself an A- ( 89% )


Can almost see the finish line of 2012...

Not a bad year from the personal athletic goal achievement perspective.  Could have done better with a new set of knees and lot fewer work hours every week, but I figure I earn a cookie for doing not bad at all with what I had to work with, especially because my list of goals was as long as my arm:

Lost Dog: Mt. Seymour-Deep Cove Trails

A beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog is lost and possibly in the area between Mt. Seymour and Deep Cove. Please keep an eye out if you're out on the trails. More info is at the "Find Ohly" FB page, including the following info of places to look if you're heading out for a run. 


Elk/Beaver Ultras 2013

The website is all up to date, http://www.eventsonline.ca/events/pih_eb/

My 90 Days of Natural Running

No, I am not planning to run naked for the next 90 days...

Something has to budge.  I refuse to acknowledge that the wear and tear of 105 ultramarathons is why my knees hurt.  It has to be my shoes.  It looks like the one extreme of running barefoot has moved far enough toward the other extreme of running in climbing boots for me to try something a bit different.

"Natural running" is the term that is gaining ground on "barefoot running".  This mostly because "natural running" accepts that shoes are not our enemies.  

Pacing the Ozark Trail 100 - 2012, TAKE TWO!

reck·on·ing [rek-uh-ning] noun

1. a statement of an amount due; bill.

2. an accounting, as for things received or done.

3. an appraisal or judgment.

My First Year as a Fat Ass

Registration for 2013 Club membership is open and I thought it might help some people to decide whether joining might be for them if I share some of my experiences after approximately one year of membership.

Up until a year ago I was checking out the website on and of for a little while and I was going through a bit of a funk in my running and exercising routine. In November I finally made the decision to join Club Fat Ass. I wasn't sure how it would go since I knew none of the members and I joined alone.

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