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Bagging a peak in my neck of the woods

I know the Bagger Challenge is exclusively a Vancouver exploit and I know that I would never be one to win the Bagger Challenge, but who is to say I can't bag my own peak.

Looking for crosstraining opportunities? Try bobwheeling

Check out bobwheeling the new demonstration sport at www.bobwheeling.com

The how to video can be seen here

Come watch history being made. We're demonstrating our new demonstration sport 11am Tuesday at Granville and Robson.



Leadville 100

The weather is beautiful here in Leadville, Co. ALthough the air seems a bit thin for the few from sea level that are daring to run or crew the Leadville 100. Al Harman and Gilles Barbeau are going strong and looking good. I met them at May Queen which is mile 14. Al arrived at 6:18 (2hrs18min) and Gilles came in at 6:40 which was 4 min ahead of last year's attempt. When Gilles arrived, I shouted and cheered him on. I even cheered him on with a few Happy Birthdays since this is how he chose to spend it. The crowd had fun and cheered him on as well.

Gaiters - locally made..... Giveaway

If you are doing any serious trail running, you have either used gaiters or have seen other runners with gaiters. Have you tried to buy some and have them shipped to Canada only to find out it costs more to ship than the actual costs of the gaiters? Would you like to have a local alternative?

Three Fools finish Tahoe Rim Trail Run 100 miles

Well, the fools are at it again. Gilles, John and Karl ran the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 M. It was a whirlwind of flying to Reno, crewing, staying up late and getting back on the plane for me.  My intention was to post pics to club fat ass as soon as possible and let everyon live the journey alongside Linda, Lorraine and myself. However, when I went to post to the fat ass site, the hotel firewall would not let me.

The fools, a few Fat Asses and 2 Coyote Moons - results updated

For those who haven't heard, the fools are back in Ojai for Coyote2Moon. An early season 100 miler that gets these guys to put on a few flash events.

 Good omen of the day: we saw a coyote cross the road on the way to lunch!







Cascade Crest

Well, a few fat asses successfully ran the 2008 Cascade Crest 100 miler. David Crear did exceptionally well and came in 16th overall in 25 :34. Then John and Karl had an Olympic photo finish in 25:50 (if you look at the race results, there is an error). Daniel Probst, Al Harman, Gille Barbeau and others all had a good finish.

Three Fat Asses go for the Leadville 100: The Race Across the Sky

Giddy Up!! That's how we roll in Leadville!!

The boys get ready for their race in the morning by doning on the traditional Western attire. The hat will come in handy with the thunderstorms and snow that they're predicting. Don't know how the jacket could help, except scaring away some mountain beasts.

I will try to update this posts regularly pending wi-fi access


Vermont 100 - Going Solo - without the other fools

Well, it's time for another 100 mile race!! This is the second in the grand slam series that Gilles was supposed to be doing this year. We all know what happened to Western States. So, instead he will continue with the other grand slam races and a few others for good measure.

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