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Lost Bloodhound on Grouse Mountain

Ellie Mae is a Bloodhound. She was spooked by a falling tree at 11 am on December 3rd.

Lost Dog: Mt. Seymour-Deep Cove Trails

A beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog is lost and possibly in the area between Mt. Seymour and Deep Cove. Please keep an eye out if you're out on the trails. More info is at the "Find Ohly" FB page, including the following info of places to look if you're heading out for a run. 


My Fitness Resolutions

Though not generally inclined to air my hopes, dreams, failures, and shortcomings in public, as I sat in bed this morning rather hung-over, 3 doughnuts into my requested birthday breakfast of a plate of Tim's and a double-double, and having already missed my morning ski, I stumbled across the CFA Resolutions Contest and thought the threat of public humiliation might be my best option. In the spirit of getting my fitness back on track I resolve to do at minimum:

(1) one marathon

(2) one ultra

(3) 40+ days on skis

(4) 5 CFA events

Why Bag?

On foggy, rainy days I often wonder why I bag. On snowy slopes when I look down and see what a mistake could bring, I wonder, why do I bag? When I'm tired or hungry or busy or stressed, it always feels better to have bagged, but it's not always evident why. Today, however, was a perfect bagging days which answered all of those lingering "whys".

North Van Looking for Cycling Advisory Committee Members

Fellow Fat Assses: If you have opinions about cycling on the North Shore, and if there is an advocate in you, you might want to consider applying to the Joint Bicycle Advisory Committee. It is a great group with real impact:

Running Movies

I thought some of you might be interested in a movie playing at the Scotiabank Theatre (formerly Paramount) on Burrard Street next week. Spirit of The Marathon is playing for one night only, on April 9th.

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