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A New Trail

Setting out for my morning run.  The problem with the routes in my neighborhood is, that unless I am willing to run on the road, there is a lot of up or down involved.  Nothing just easy rolling or flat. 

Mid-week running

I don't know how many of you guys and gals train alone but I would say that for most of the week, running alone is a fact of life, with the week-ends for running with your buddies. Most of your mileage should be mid-week, if you are trying to get your long run in at the week-end you have wasted your mid-week training opportunities.At the W/E you can blaze a trail or two and kick up the intensity or take a break from your high, easy mileage, and enjoy the company.Don't rely on the those two days for you mileage, get them in mid-week.

Training for the Vancouver New Year's 50 Fat Ass Run

It is official. I am committed to tackle the full 50km on at the Vancouver New Year's Day 50 Run. Pat is in and Rhonda and Cheryl have expressed interest in joining us slow pokes. As Rhonda put it, "a 50K on New Year's Day would be an excellent way to spent the day....as in, I'm never in a hurry to finish and don't mind extending the time in an activity I love."

On the Road Again...

It's been an awesome week of gorgeous fall weather. Rather than being out smelling the autumn leaves on the trails, I spent the better part of the week dragging my sorry ass around the house with a messed-up foot.

'Ever tried cleaning the garage while hopping on one leg? I managed to shift a few piles of paper from one drawer to another and whittle the InBox down to 60 messages before going nuts and stuffing a heavily-bandaged foot into my Montrails.

The doctor said start with 15 minutes and stop if the bones start to crunch. She said add 10% per week.

Around The World In 30 Minutes

After the morning fog had lifted it looked like a prefect day for a run in my neighborhood.  Unfortunately,  a meeting and a pile of outstanding work, made me miss getting out first thing...which usually means I won't run at all. 

Not today. Time to get back into a regular running and exercise rhythm.  Early afternoon, I changed into my running gear and headed out the door.  Guilt of the home office worker and threatening rain clouds looming overhead. 

Saturday Morning Run

Club Fat Ass - Pat and Sibylle I can't remember how many years Pat and I have been running together on Saturday mornings. It probably started with a marathon clinic after my son Erik was born 7 years ago.

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