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It's going to be a snowy Knee Knacker

On Canada Day I ran with a few guys on the BP from Nelson Canyon to the Cleveland Dam. There is still a lot of snow up there and not a hope in hell most if it will melt by race day. We started seeing snow right after the Donut lookout it didn't let up until the Hollyburn Chute. It was a mess up above Cypress and then heading towards Hollyburn even when there was a bare spot there is tons of debris as it has just freshly melted. Then my hand held water bottle flew out of my hand when I lost my balance with my key in the pocket, and landed in Cypress Creek.

Time to get back into it - training versus time.

Well it is time when I realize that I should start training in earnest. Have a bit of a knee issue but it seems to be coming along (with lots of icing). But I am sure like a lot of you my biggest issue is the constant balancing act of finding the balance between family/career/training. Any suggestions or examples of how you deal with it? Pat Whose waistline has increased over the winter...

S#@t Happens in Threes

First it was my calf. For some reason, in late January when I was in fact feeling strong like bull, something in my calf muscle went "boing!" and that was that. Every time I went for a run of more than 15 minutes, I could feel my muscle tear again, ripping kind of like a piece of paper under my skin.

Thoughts on a First Bagger Opportunity

My buddy Steve Deller sent me this link yesterday. A new 60K trail that has probably never been run. http://www.wildcoastmagazine.com/NorthCoastTrail.htm

First bagger bragging rights are special.  Anyone interested in bagging this with me?

I've hiked the Cape Scott trail. It's flat as a pancake. The beach is awesome... I found a really cool blue glass Japanese fish float there.


What do *you* do when you break your ribs?

Why, go out and buy skis that are guaranteed to get you even deeper into the pow, of course!

It's been quite a few years since I hit a telephone pole in a dual slalom race in Park City, Utah, and broke 7 ribs. I'd almost forgotten how much it hurts to laugh with a messed-up rib cage. If I've not seen you on the trails lately, now you know why. Shit happens in 3s. Next what?

Stormy Training Runs hosted by Club Fat Ass

Club Fat Ass and Stormy are pleased to announce that training runs for Stormy will be hosted by Club Fat Ass.

Crown Mountain Snowshoe Adventure

On Sunday, I woke up with the sun shining in my face. The Capilano Canyon Night run party went fairly late. It had been a tough work week. It had rained almost constantly for over 2 months. I rarely sleep in past 8:30, but I had no plans and it felt great to do nothing but soak in the rays. I could tell it was going to be a good day.

North Shore Challenge

Last night I was very honored to be invited to speak at the North Shore Challenge. This event was held to raise funds for the Harvest Project, a social service organization that helps people who are in tough circumstances help themselves.

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Post 50km Recovery

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