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For information leading to the location of the elusive Tunnel of Love.

With reference to a Club Fat Ass Flash event that I unsuccessfully attempted to organize a few times over the past few years, I have reason to believe there is a tunnel of some significance near Crown Mountain in the hills above North Vancouver, BC, Canada. 

The Cypress Sweep

In the interest of maximizing the bagging pleasure in the most efficient manner, Ran, Wade and I would like to contribute this six-hour four-Bagger for your consideration.

Here's the big picture:

Peaks:  MAR, UNN (See Howe Sound Crest/Brittania Range) and HOL, STR (Cypress Group.)  May also want to include BLA for a 5-Bagger.

The Cueball Conundrum

Bothered by Bald Guys.  Pestered by Pink-Headed People.  'Wasn't sure exactly how to call this? 

Anyway, 2 bald guys have been ganging-up on me and I'm really not sure what to do about it?  Paul Cubbon and Jason Eads, if you're looking for names.

My first thought was to ignore them.  This has actually bought me some time, but has not resolved the underlying issue.  You see, they want me to run 100-miles with them.

JDFT preview run

Jeff Sean and I are doing an out and back tomorrow to get a feel of the load for the FLASH assault of the trail on the last Saturday of August.

stay tuned...

Upcoming Core Running Camps and Clinics

I've been out of touch the last couple of weeks as I've been preparing for a major life changing event - the arrival of our firs

Monty News

I will be offering two start times for the 1/2 Monty this year.

7:00 or 11:00.

For the people on the Island you can start at 7 with me and run the 1/2.

The Full Monty guys will start at this time.

For anyone else that needs the sleep, or the time to get over here from the Mainland,

I will be starting the 1/2 Monty again at 11:00, I am not sure what will be happening after the event, but I am open to suggestions.

Bagging Routes


Last year during the 2009 Bagger Challenge, I found myself outsmarted by friends and foes who were more efficient with the way they invested their bagging time and energy. 

Optimizing Cadence and Stride Length

I've talked a lot about mobility work the last couple of newsletters but this week I'd like to change gears and talk

Flash - Gold River Bandit's Run

It starts every year, except this one, at Gold River and runs for 40 miles of logging road to Tahsis.

Brad and I have won it or placed in the top 5 on a number of occasions Ean has won it and run back home. This year the race was canceled, but my friend Cliff was going to run it anyway. It's some kind of a awareness campaign about wild salmon. Anyway, I said I would join him...

This year at least two serious runners will be doing it. Most years we, as runners, are in a huge minority. This year, unfortunately 600 hikers will not be with us.

Stretching for Running - Why, How & When

 It's been a while since I wrote as I've been busy putting together lots of great information for you. I'll be sharing all my hard work with you over the coming weeks so keep an eye on your inbox.

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