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Vancouver Running Symposium - Traditional Shoes vs. Minimalist Shoes: Where Science Meets the Road


The Fat Ass Fondo - Summer Edition

The 7 "official" starters of the Fat Ass Fondo, Summer 2011 edition, on Saturday 13 August.   From left to right:  Reza Ghazizadeh, Rob Jones, Ean Jackson, William Jans, Paul Burns, Eric Derbez and Ron Adams.

Getting ready for the Vancouver 100

 See the 360 degree video here.

The Canadian Winter Running Index

Can Compression Socks Help You Run Faster

Compression socks have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. If you haven't seen them, they're the odd looking tight, long socks that come up to just below your knee.

The Word is Out, Technique Counts

Sorry I've been out of touch for a while; I've been busy with clinics and updating the website. If it's been a while since you've seen it check out the new look of www.corerunning.com.

I was at a lecture last night presented by Dr. Jack Taunton, one of Canada's premier sports medicine doctors and a runner himself.

Need some cross training?

We are starting up a new round of bootcamps in Falaise (Rupert and Granview) and Riley Park (Main and 33rd) on September 27th (this Monday) and there is a really sweet promotion - buy one get one half off!

All levels will leave feeling they got what they wanted - a hard yet doable workout! We have had all levels from couch potato to world master's half marathon winner!

Contact Alli at www.urbanfitnessmovement.com, info@urbanfitnessmovement.com, or 778.989.1836


Frosty Mountain training run Sept. 4th 2010

The last training run in Manning Park turned out to be even more popular then the first one. A total of 25 people and six dogs showed up.
As most of the runners did the first loop, some checked out the 13 km loop.
As usual the weather was pretty favorable and all the runners made it out alive. A few minor scratches and bruises ( easy for me to say) as you can see on the photos.

Frosty Mountain Training Run Report

The first training run for Frosty Mountain Trail race took place last Saturday August 14th.  There were a total of 13 runners including 3 dogs.  The run took place on the Baden Powell, Dream Weaver, Executioner, Mountain Highway and Pipeline Trails.  The run was approximately 15 km.  The runners split up into three pace groups and as usual I thought I belonged in the middle of the pack, but I think I have to reclassify myself into the end of the pack unless some slower people show up :).  The day started out at a nice temperature but he

Jackson's Last-Minute 100-Miler Checklist

Yikes... I signed up for a 100-miler.  One of those stupid, last-minute things we all do from time to time.  Three days till show-time.  'Guess it's time to figure out what to pack!

My success rate in the past at long runs like this has been best if I don't spend my last hours before the start fretting about what I forgot.  Too much energy wasted on worry.

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