Miscellaneous stories from Club Fat Ass members.

The Fat Ass Fondo - Summer Edition

The 7 "official" starters of the Fat Ass Fondo, Summer 2011 edition, on Saturday 13 August.   From left to right:  Reza Ghazizadeh, Rob Jones, Ean Jackson, William Jans, Paul Burns, Eric Derbez and Ron Adams.

Go Home Via Hanes Valley - Route Change Due to Snow

As most of you know the snow has been lingering much longer than usual in the backcountry this year. The Hanes valley route is tough in a good year. I have received a report from the ranger at Lynn Headwaters a few days ago. What he has told me is that conditions in the Hanes Valley as of last weekend are similar to late June in a normal year . This means it can be and is most probably dangerous. Snow level is half way down the scree slope with many sun cups .

Host needed for "Bill's Great Peak Ascent"

Can anyone cover for me for my event on Sunday, July 24th?  There’s not much to do. I can call the Mozzie Creek Grill to make sure we have a spot there. Just need someone to show up, sign in, and send off the troops.  Please contact me if you're able to help.   Very much appreciated.



Good Luck Knee Knackerers!

At the Club Fat Ass Steering Committee meeting last night, we noticed that 75% of the people in attendance were either running in the Knee Knackering North Shore Trail run or volunteering for the race. 

Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks: Trail Running Logistical Notes

Many of us have enjoyed the glorious trail running in the Grand Canyon. Further sublime running adventures await nearby, at the cost of a cheap flight to Vegas. They are closer to Vegas, and also more runnable than the Grand Canyon.

Grand Opening of the Manzanita Hut on the Sunshine Coast Trail

You are invited!

Come join us to celebrate the GRAND OPENING of Manzanita Hut on the Sunshine Coast Trail on Sunday, June 12.

The Bagging of Apodaca

Mount Apodaca. A-po-da-ca.  Sounds like some exotic peak in the Pyrenees or maybe the South American Andes, doesn't it?

In fact, Apodaca is a pimple on the face of Bowen Island.  OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration... it's a festering boil on Bowen's butt end.

9 Ways to Not Train for the Vancouver Sun Run
















McDougall on Fat Ass events

Christopher McDougall is always a good read (Born To Run), as well as a listen (e.g. the talk he gave at Google).

I recently came across an article he wrote in the New York Times, in which he describes Fat Ass events in a very positive light, again based on his own experience and sharing his personal events.

April Fools Bag Bowen

April 1st is the first day of the North Shore Bagger Challenge.  It's also April Fools day.
I trust Environment Canada. So 'round about 11:00 last night when Conroy calls me to see if I am into earning some first bagging bragging rights, I consulted the most reliable weather website I know of before opting-in. I truly didn't suspect that Environment Canada would say it was going to be warm and sunny if it wasn't going to be warm and sunny.
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