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Burke and Widgeon - A Hikers Guide

Those of you who run/hike/fast pack in the Coquitlam area, this might be interesting:

"This little known gem maybe just the place your group would like to explore or the perfect Christmas present for the hiking enthusiast. 

My name is Lyle Litzenberger, a long time resident of Port Coquitlam/Coquitlam, and author of Burke and Widgeon – A Hikers Guide.

Paton and Coliseum on Sun Aug 4th

Looks like there will be a few of us assembling at the Gazebo on Sun at 8am to tackle the bike and scramble/hike/run to Paton and Coliseum (potentially Burwell?).

There are a few posts on the Peak Bagger site about this, so just reply to this one or one of the other posts if you'd like to come.

Remember to be self sufficient and have enough liquid and food for at least a 4 hour outing (more to be safe).


Reverse trail triathlon

Hello All

I am considering a format change to Mary Leliveld’s Happy Trails. As she was an avid triathlete I was thinking of putting on a reverse triathlon – which would be a trail run followed by a trail bike and then a lake swim. I am thinking that the run would be anywhere from a half hour to an hour, bike about an hour or two and then swim of about 20-30 minutes. You would still need to ride back to the start but I`m still going to call it a triathlon!  Please add a comment if you want me to put this on.



Take advantage of the Club Fat Ass Ambassador Program

Are you a new member, who doesn't quite know how to get started in the Club  or are you an existing member, who would like to inspire the next generation of Fat Asses?

Either way, the Ambassador Program is for you.

Check out all the details here.

If you are not sure yet about joining the fun, just sign up for the North Shore Enduro on May 4th.

Calendar of Canadian Ultras Updated

The Calendar of Canadian Ultras has been updated at http://www.clubfatass.com/calendarofcanadianultras .

Reasons to Run Spaghetti Trees This Year! Victoria, BC Awesomeness!

Come run Spaghetti Trees this year! And enjoy some other Victoria, BC awesomeness!

I can't wait to get back to East Sooke! I had a break from hosting last year but now I'm back and really excited. I love running on the North Shore, but the Spaghetti Trees trails are so different and gorgeous and amazing and I love them and I miss them (we moved to North Van from Victoria in 2011, so now I only run in Victoria for CFA events - but hey, what a good reason to visit!).

Elk/Beaver Ultras 2013

The website is all up to date, http://www.eventsonline.ca/events/pih_eb/

My 90 Days of Natural Running

No, I am not planning to run naked for the next 90 days...

Something has to budge.  I refuse to acknowledge that the wear and tear of 105 ultramarathons is why my knees hurt.  It has to be my shoes.  It looks like the one extreme of running barefoot has moved far enough toward the other extreme of running in climbing boots for me to try something a bit different.

"Natural running" is the term that is gaining ground on "barefoot running".  This mostly because "natural running" accepts that shoes are not our enemies.  

Kelowna presentation of the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival

Top reasons why you want to be trail running in the rain ... seriously

I know it's tough to embrace the rainy days after 3 gorgeous month of almost nothing but sunshine. For all I know we had the driest August and Semptember on record.

So here are a few thoughts that hopefully will help you drag your tired self out of bed and head out when you can hear the pitter patter of raindrops outside the house.

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