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Club Fat Ass contests and member challenges.

Carlos' 2006 plans...

To get my goals set, I find it easier to tell someone what I'm doing, and then I really have to do it! So hear goes.... Training:- Forget about trying to convert unmeasurable training runs to Kilometres or Miles.(for us trail runners, it's just a hangover from our 10K days...) Up my average training hours per week to 12,throughout the year, with some more roads and trails. Make one of my runs at least 4 hours.(this will give me hours in the bank plus a couple of rest days) Get in some dawn running in the spring.

Craig Moore's 2006 Goals

Here's my 2006 athletic wish list. A long time ago I thought I wasn't very competitive ... but apparently I am so watch out!

1) Do at least 1/2 hour of heart raising activity six days per week, for the entire year, including: Run, walk, swim, hike, snowshoe, bike, lift weights, etcetera ... does sex count? If it does I'm golden.

2) Achieve a new Personal Best time at the Knee Knacker (working toward a sub 7:30h) ... better luck next year.

Andrea's Annual Achievements (Resolutions)

OK, I"m a newbie to the club but am a big "goals" person, so here's my preliminary attempt to lay out 2006...

Sibylle's Resolutions

You may have noticed Ean likes list and checks them twice...He ran (pun intended) his New Years Resolutions by me, to give them a reality check in regards to time commitment and injury prevention (or should I say injury recovery). His list is ready to go. It's huge. It's wishful thinking...but as his supporting, loving wife I believe he can do it and promise to kick him out of bed on a rainy race morning...just so he will reach his goals for 2006.

Ean Jackson's 2006 Fitness Resolutions

This is bizarre for a last-minute, non-committal kind of guy to actually plan out a year in advance! Here goes:

Running events: 

VIMFF Mountain Photo Competition

I thought this might be of interest to some of our members:

The 2006 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival Photo Contest is coming up.  Grand prize this year is a 2 week guided trip to Nothern Pakistan with Nazir Sabir Expeditions (all inclusive excep airfare to Pakistan) and other goodies.

Entry deadline is January 13th.  All submissions are to be digital, email
(preferred) or CD, finalists will be required to submit exhibition quality prints.

Points Series Standings Updated

The standings for the 2005 Club Fat Ass Point Series have been updated to reflect the points collected in Wendy's Run last Saturday.

Point Series Updated after FFR and Fall Mountain Highway Madness

This weekend saw the second time in less than a month with not only one but two Club Fat Ass events to choose from and earn points in.

Gluttons for Punishment

This weekend saw a Club Fat Ass first with 2 events hosted at the same day and two Club members participating in both events. The Monty went off without a glitch in beautiful Gowland Tod Provincial Park near Victoria on Vancouver Island, Canada. Doug Bodnar and Geoff Palmer took on the challenging 25km Half Monty, hopped on the ferry back to the mainland and arrived in time - well, Doug almost made it in time ;-) for the Midsummer Night version of the 7th Capilano Canyon Night Run. They definitely qualified for the "Gluttons for Punishment" category.

Point Series Updated after Fluffy Bunny

Cheryl Johnson has joined Bill Dagg and Craig Moore in the lead of the 2005 CFA Point Series. Cheryl earned 3 points for the Fluffy Bunny yesterday: 1 point for early registration, 1 point for participation and 1 bonus point for collecting garbage during her 4h on the trails. All three have 11 points each and participated in 5 CFA events until now. A close contender is Patricia Barry with 8 points earned for participating in 4 CFA events since January.

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