New Years Resolution Contest - 2006

Club Fat Ass New Years Resolution Contest

Boy, the Steering Committee sure had a hard time deciding on a winner. 

There were 17 participants.  Of those, Baldwin, Carlos, Craig, Gary, Keith, Sibylle, Andrea, and Ean submitted a final evaluation.  We eliminated Sibylle and Ean for obvious reasons.  Keith gave himself 85%, but didn't really justify his grade; Craig gave himself 75% and did justify; Baldwin gave himself a B+ for 5/8 goals met; Gary gave himself 65% with reasons; Carlos rated himself 7/10; and Andrea rated herself 7/12. 

In the end it was a close call, but Craig had the highest percentage of fullfilled resolutions accompanied by an explanation.  Congrats to Craig!  He will receive a pair of runners kindly provided by our sponsor North Shore Athletics.