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Reagan's 2013 Fitness Resolutions


Reagan's Year - How'd I do - I'd say 40%


Reagan's 2012 Fitness Resolutions

Goals for 2012 Running/Bagging Events:

* Finish in Top 3 in club point series, participating in at least 16 club events
* Finish in Top 10 in bagger challenge point standings, bag at least 12 peaks
* Build on 2011's 1st three ultras and run 4 ultras in 2012

Apart from the running/hiking, I aim to:

* serve another term on the steering committee, but do some heavy lifting this time around
* update the ActivePorker iPhone app for 2012, include a showcase for the Bagger Challenge

To the Bluffs

'Twas a beautiful Saturday morning

just after sun up when Baggers

William and Reagan started Seymour to ascend

What trail there was though faint at times

went up with twists and turns to

seemingly no end.


Rock, rocks, and more rocks!

Roots, roots, and more roots!

All to side step or trip upon.


Then can you believe snow fields

Tenderfoot Boogie 2011 50k - 2nd Ultra Builds on 1st

They say some things in life are better the second time around.  I was hoping that would the case for running ultras, as I find the mental and physical challenges of these events (and the planning that can go into one's raceday strategy) irresistible.

Reagan's 2011 Resolutions

Goals for 2011 Running Events:

Reagan's 2010 Resolution Recap

Because of my mid-2009 return to running after a 17 year hiatus, my goals for 2010 were ambitious.

It's time to look back and evaluate how I did:

Downtown Dash Recap

The Wilder Snail is a warm, intimate neighborhood cafe/grocery set in the historic Strathcona neighborhood near Downtown Vancouver - what better place to start a Christmas Eve flash event that would span the urban jungle and along a rain and wind-swept seawall?

Cinny Bun Run Recap

.......A beach, some fast, rolling trails, and the best cinny buns around....

That was the basic idea for the 1st Cinny Bun Run, but I'll remember much more than that, including

1)  the stunning early morning blue-gray portrait of the north shore mountains framed by a glass-like Burrard Inlet

Kidbag with son on 10-10-10 -- Memorable day, no cowboys!

With 11am sunny weather overhead and an enthusiastic 4-year-old son at my side, the encouragement from my wife to disappear until dinner was all we needed to head straight to North Van for some impromptu baggery.

We left the house with all the right provisions but without a specific distination - I'd figure that out on the drive there.

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