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McDougall on Fat Ass events

Christopher McDougall is always a good read (Born To Run), as well as a listen (e.g. the talk he gave at Google).

I recently came across an article he wrote in the New York Times, in which he describes Fat Ass events in a very positive light, again based on his own experience and sharing his personal events.

Plain 100

I came today across the website of this 100 miler run on the Cascade mountains; maybe for others here (read: fools) this run is old news.
And if this race is not yet part of ultra folklore, I'm sure it's fast on its way there.

100 ("+"...) miles, No flagging, no t-shirt, no pacers, no aid stations, "you receive nothing from anyone", no stashing, and to top it all off properly - "if someone figures out what they think is a cool way to use the above rules to their advantage over their fellow runners, I reserve the right to disqualify them."

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