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Paton and Coliseum on Sun Aug 4th

Looks like there will be a few of us assembling at the Gazebo on Sun at 8am to tackle the bike and scramble/hike/run to Paton and Coliseum (potentially Burwell?).

There are a few posts on the Peak Bagger site about this, so just reply to this one or one of the other posts if you'd like to come.

Remember to be self sufficient and have enough liquid and food for at least a 4 hour outing (more to be safe).


Take advantage of the Club Fat Ass Ambassador Program

Are you a new member, who doesn't quite know how to get started in the Club  or are you an existing member, who would like to inspire the next generation of Fat Asses?

Either way, the Ambassador Program is for you.

Check out all the details here.

If you are not sure yet about joining the fun, just sign up for the North Shore Enduro on May 4th.

How to not pace yourself for a 50k (2013 VNYDFA50)

After printing out the Route for the New Year's Day it became clear that I needed to try and hang on to someone who knew the course if I didn't want to be stuck reading half the time and missing out on most of the experience and the scenery. By the way, I didn't see a single  person using instructions all day. Maybe everybody but me is navigationally gifted.

I knew that Dave Cressman knows the course well and was going for the full 50k.

New Year's Resolutions 2013 - Marc Schmitz

1. My first goal is to improve my 10k, 1/2 Marathon, Marathon and 50k time by an average of 15%

This project I already started by running a faster 10k in October at one of the MEC Fall Classic races.

I ran a total of 1 Marathon, 2 1/2 Marathons and 1 50k in total so far (I guess I race a little less than most). The First two are a while back and the 50k included a big elevation change, so I need a big improvement for that distance to reach my overall goal.

2012 New Year's Resolution Evaluation - Marc Schmitz

1. Complete (my first) 2 Ultras (maybe the Kneeknacker route plus one additional one)

I completed the Knee Knacker and Frosty Mountain (both were awesome races, but I think I liked Frosty even slightly better, due to the low key feel and the fact that I had never run any of the course) 10/10

2. Complete 6 CFA events plus 6 flash events (days of peak bagging would count as a flash event since it serves a club related purpose)

My First Year as a Fat Ass

Registration for 2013 Club membership is open and I thought it might help some people to decide whether joining might be for them if I share some of my experiences after approximately one year of membership.

Up until a year ago I was checking out the website on and of for a little while and I was going through a bit of a funk in my running and exercising routine. In November I finally made the decision to join Club Fat Ass. I wasn't sure how it would go since I knew none of the members and I joined alone.

Top reasons why you want to be trail running in the rain ... seriously

I know it's tough to embrace the rainy days after 3 gorgeous month of almost nothing but sunshine. For all I know we had the driest August and Semptember on record.

So here are a few thoughts that hopefully will help you drag your tired self out of bed and head out when you can hear the pitter patter of raindrops outside the house.

Mt. Seymour Bag

Marc on Mt Seymour

About 20 minutes into my attempt to conquer Mt. Seymour this morning I was heading into the fog and I was pretty wet from brushing up against some vegetation.

As I carried on I figured I might just get lucky and end up above the clouds ... yeah right like that was gonna happen.

Shortly before reaching the first peak though that's exactly what happened.

Register now for The Club Fatass Boot Camp

I talked to a few people who consider coming out for one or both of the Boot Camps.

Please make sure to register, so I have an idea how many people to expect.

Have a great workout and help me raise some funds for North Shore Rescue in the process.

Check out all the details here:

Monday June 4

Fat Ass Knee Knacker Fundraiser / Adopt a New Knacker

I registered for this years Knee Knacker which will also be my first Ultra marathon (so much for picking an easy one to start out).

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