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Fluffy Bunny this SAT (not Sun)

Hi everyone,

Hoping to get a few more participants for this weekends Fluffy Bunny run! It is not on Sunday anymore. New date is Saturday June 18th.

For those of you who are thinking of the original Fluffy Bunny routes, they don't exist anymore :-)  We have two much more tame around the lake runs (with the lovely Lakeview trail on the west as an alternative to the basic buntzen lake trail) and a harder 27km up and over Diez Vista + if you want a bit more of a challenge.


Jess Dagg

Flash: Orcas Training, approx 34km run

Tomorro, Jan 9th, we're starting in Deep Cove at 8am. Going up to Picnic Area via BP and Old Buck, down to Mushroom Parking Lot, Neds, Bottle Top, along Fisherman's, Circuit 8, Lynne Loop, come back to Gazebo, go through Lynne Canyon, BP up all the way up Seymour Grind, maybe back up to Picnic Area again turning left at top of Seymour Grind depending on our mileage, back down Old Buck to BP to Deep Cove.

Boxing Day 25km Results


Flash-Boxing Day 25km


Run off the holiday treats with us as we train for Orcas Island 50km!

8am. Location TBD based on trail conditions.

Indicate your interest below.


Jess Dagg

Pre-Seymour Super Fun Run, Run


As we cannot do the whole course next weekend, Bill and I decided to run it today. Definitely chilly up higher (enough to make our bladder tubes start to freeze) with some solid snowcover, but nothing extraordinary. Lower trails had barely any ground snow at all, but the bushes and trees sure looked pretty!

FLASH: Grouse to Deep Cove Results


After a very rainy night we thought we were in for a wet run! Fortunatly, the weather turned for the better and we had a gorgeous, but slightly chilly run from Grouse to Deep Cove. Nothing else extraordinary occurred, though we were a bit surprised to see that part of the trail from Hyannis to the Seymour Grind had been re-routed. 

Good company = an even better run, and the doughnut and coffee from Honey's ended off the morning nicely :-)

"Fluffy Bunny" May 1st

Come run the Fluffy Bunny! Courses have been changed with the exception of around the lake.  9.5km, 14km, and 27km options at Buntzen Lake in Port Moody. Hope to see you there! I will be leading the 14km. Your event host, Jess Dagg

Travelling Colours Contest

A non-bagging adventure :)

While you busy-bodies were bagging peaks on the coast, two other fat-assers were exploring new trails in the Interior during a week off in September.

If anyone ever gets a chance to visit Glacier National Park near Roger's Pass, BC, you gotta do the Glacier Crest Trail! We had an amazingly beautiful day and the views were spectacular (see above).

More pics:

Death Race photos





our photos from the race. We're planning on attending the Night Run on sat and are hoping Sibylle and Ean might allow us to play the DVD from the race on their TV. We couldn't carry our cameras the whole time and it's a beautiful area!




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