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Gary Robbins Takes Second at Mountain Masochist !!!

Just Checked the web site and saw that Gary ran a 7:22:47 Congratulations Gary! His only goal in this race was to take top three and win the coveted entry into the 2009 western states endurance run. Job well done. can't wait to here the story. does this make him the only Canadian at western? not sure. though I bet he'll be the fastest. 

Success all around at the Badwater 135 mile ultra marathon

In case no was following this years race. I'll bring you up to speed. Jen Segger of Squamish BC finished 9th overall and was the youngest female to ever finish the race. you can read all about it hear on her blog http://challenge-by-choice.blogspot.com/ Now I didn't get to see any of her race but I did get to spend a few hours out on the course. Exactly 45:34 of them crewing and pacing for my Arrowhead friend Sarah lowell who received her badwater buckle for finishing under 48hrs.

Hell's out and back!

Next weekend will be the start to my tour of hell. It all starts with a 13hr motorcycle ride to Bozeman Montana on Friday to meet up with my HURT teammate Tina Ure. Then a 5:30am start of the "Devil's backbone 50 miler" a 25 mile out and back with one aid station at the turnaround, No trail markings, lots of snow and 11,400ft of climb. After the race it's back on the bike for a three or four hour ride back to my friends house in Postfalls ID. Get a few winks of sleep and a ride to the airport on Sunday. Jump on a plane for a nonstop flight to LasVegas.

Mt shasta three peaks adventure run

This past weekend I traveled down to mt shasta for the 2nd annual three peaks adventure run. the goal was to climb mt shasta run to and up black butte and then over to the summit of mt eddie. covering 50 miles and more elevation gain and loss then seems humanly possible. this years run was a success! you can read more about it on my blog http://extremeultrarunner.blogspot.com/ should have a full report up this weekend

Karl Jensen and club with no name get mention in bellingham herald

Thought you'd all like to see the article in today's paper. Sorry they wouldn't print the club name or tee shirt. I tried to sneak it in the photo. Hope to see everyone next weekend. http://www.bellinghamherald.com/477/story/384791.html

Arrowhead 135

Just arrived here in international falls MN for the Arrowhead 135 mile race. on the last flight over I got to chat with last years winner and only finisher on foot Sarah Lowell. now I've just got to pass the gear check and get some rest. It's tropical over here with a temperature of +20 compared to last years -40. I was really hoping it was more like -10 and dry. maybe I'll have to pull out the shorts. 


The Grand Canyon "weekend" run

A Club Fat Ass adventure to the Grand Canyon


The downfall of a Runners High

After returning from doing the R2R2R down at the grand canyon I was just buzzing with excitement. Even after sitting in a “minivan” 50+ hours and returning home at 5:30am in the morning then heading to work at 7:00am I couldn’t shake the buzz. Wednesday is my weekly run with the local gang from Fairhaven runners and I just couldn’t wait to tell my story of the past few days.

Hard Rock from the Pacer who lived to tell about it

HARDROCK 100 aka the H.U.R.T. buddies team up again for Daniel’s success in the world’s hardest 100…

Finishing HARD ROCK!!!!!!!!

So, heard of the little race called Hard rock 100. Well I can say I have lived to tell you about it. On Sunday the 15th at 4:40 am after running for 46 hours and 40 minutes I crossed the line and kissed the rock to finish my first Hard rock 100! I’m still in need of much sleep and so this will be short. In fact it all still seems like a dream. An absolutely incredible dream. I dreamed of huge mountains, brilliant wild flowers, cascading waterfalls, endless streams, 14,000 ft sunsets and kissing a rock. Was it really real?

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