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The Full Monty - Special Call to all Mainlanders To Join In The Fun

I have been thinking a lot about this event as it is one of the few times I get to see you guys.

Victoria is a little out of your way, I know, but this minor problem is surmountable.

I highly recomend the shorter option, and have accomodated the "Mainlanders" by having an 11:00am. start, giving you an extra hour to get from Swartz Bay to the start.

Jackal's eye view

I am not exactly sure what made this trip so memorable;could it have been the perfect weather,the trails,the people?

I think that the chemistry was just about perfect for the funnest Spaghetti Trees Run ever!

I have been to every one.This is the link to the "After Party" event.


We will be here, waiting impaciently for the start next year.

Elk/Beaver Ultras 2013

The website is all up to date, http://www.eventsonline.ca/events/pih_eb/

The Monty 2012

I remember saying to Alan last year when three of us slogged it out in a torrential downpour, that if I had to run the Full Monty solo, that I would run it naked...Well, I lied!Mind you by the three quarter way point I hadn't seen a soul, then my possible streak was broken by a young couple of hikers with four dogs.

I am not really dissapointed, I just think that until a bridge is built between our two running communities, there will be little interaction.

I am quite prepared to host this event, and look forward to seeing the number swell back into double digits!

Just a few days to go...

Just a reminder that once again I will be opening up registration for the 7th. Annual "Monty".

Here in Lotus land.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make your visit to the Island a great trip!

I am running the "Monty" this year as the 25K distance will be enough for me this year.

I will run "sweep" again and make sure that we all get back safe and happy.

These trails are easy to follow and are flagged by the park authority.

Spaghetti Flash!

Submitted by Carlos Castillo on 9 June, 2012 - 20:37.

What a day we had,
I had forgotten how hard it is to push on those trails!

Some of the first 4K are super fine slight down hills,wide forest access kind of trails, but the rest...

Not so much.

I would like to see the elevation gain of that sucker, kind of like the JDFT younger sister.

The views are good to excellent.


See you next year.


Spaghetti Flash!

Dear trail runners,

Firstly,I hope your season of training and racing is going well, and that no nagging
injuries are preventing you from joy of the trails.

Secondly,I am announcing that a second harvest of spaghetti will take place on  the 9th.June,
This Flash event is mainly for locals, but if there is interest from the Mainland,I am proposing:

Saturday, 9th. June 2012  at noon
(mid-day start allows ferry-takers time to get here and back again)
East Sooke Regional Park near Victoria, BC

Spaghetti Trees Cancelled!

Unfortunately this year's event has had to be cancelled.

Due mainly to transportaton problems.

Sorry everyone.


E/B Ultras 2012

Dear Friends,
I have pride in offering you all, once again, the full range of events.
The 25 mile Ultra Walk, the "First Timers" Marathon, 50K, 50 mile, and 100K races.
Announcing a few new features this year.
Firstly, I moved the date to the second Saturday in May.
12th.May 2012 the date you should try and keep with your Ultra buddies, here in Victoria BC.I moved the date so that I could offer you, up Islanders and out of town guests, a group rate at the closest and best accommodation option for my race.

Phone call between Bob Wall and Jeff Hunt...


Just got off the phone with Bob Wall. He ran (solo) the trail succesfully yesterday in 14 hrs. He reported that the water and mud was extreme, and the fact that he was running the trail in Fall conditions made things very physical. He left at 4:30 am, and finished by swimming across the fianl river at 6:30 pm.

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