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Spartan Sprint Race Report

My adventurous friend Michelle and I decided to give the Spartan race a try since it was coming to town. I used to joke triathlon was just a "whose the best exerciser?" competition.  This is even more true of obstacle racing... And since I spend most of my time exercising in some form or another, I liked my odds of finishing. The race started with a ceremonial flame jump and then burst up a short hill. Next you climbed under barb wire and crawled under a tarp.

8k Stroller Race - First of the Year


The Stair Climb for Clean Air

13 month old Amelita completed her first race today - she had her own chip and bib even! She "raced" up the 48 flights of stairs at the Sheraton Wall Centre in 13:56... With a little help from her momma. Her favorite thing was waving and blowing kisses at the spectators - and stopping to drink at the water stations.

Alli's new year resolutions

1. Run a sub 40 10k 2. Run a sub 3 marathon 3. Run at least 5 CFA events 4. Be able to do one chin up with baby on back 5. Stay uninjured!!

Halloween Run Prizes

I am happy to say that outside of free coffee for everyone dressed up this Saturday for the Halloween Run, Terra Breads is giving away 2 gift baskets one for best costume and one for worst! Hope to see you all there!

Glorious grouse

Had a very lovely and very clear day of bagging. Started up bcmc to grouse and onto dam... Took the longer route rather than the one that follows the pipe since the pipe route looked slippery. Went past the helicopter pad to the rocky little summit and hiked it over to little goat which gave us a really great view of goat, crown and the valley between them. Goat was a little more scrambley and challenging but had a correspondingly amazing 360 view on this nice clear day.

Seymour snow

Lovely sunday morning Seymour bag - pretty easy hike up. Bit snowy and slick near the top as well as a short but not too harrowing scramble to the peak. The trail was about 9k total. Ended up falling and landing in the reverse plank position (rather than flat on baby) while discussing what might occur should I fall backwards. Ama didn't even wake up from her nap but it sure gave me a jolt! Thankfully, I am happy with the outcome of what might happen should I fall backward. Somehow rolling, throwing myself forward, etc had occurred to me but the assumed position had not.

The adventures of baggin baby and momma the mule

Been a while since I have blogged! Since, we did south Lynn. We had a look at the trail to the south needle and decided it was an all day kind of adventure. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I can't run with the baby backpack so it's a clippy walk for me at best. I didn't find this hike anything to really write home about (it was overcast so no views anywho)... But a good punch on my mornings long run and a reminder to weight Ama - she is getting heavy! We also hiked garibaldi for some extra curricular hiking. That makes for a nice easy trip.

This week

The week started out with Ama's six month birthday. We hiked all three peaks of the chief monday. Loved the climbing portion with chains and latters... And the views were amazing! Today we hiked with daddy and friend, Tamar, up black and then strachan. Black was a good warmup for the snowy ascent up strachan. As I ate my cheese and crackers roaming about so as to appease Ama, I felt fully in my role of mule, trying to get some grass in as my master pressed me on. Where can one purchase a tiny whip for tiny hands to really get the look?

Lynn peak

The hike up to Lynn peak was of a fairly gental grade and easy to follow trail. We parked at Lynn headwaters lot, headed toward rice lake and up the trail to the peak from the loop trail. I would think most could manage it in three hours walking, maybe two running? Ama, the bagging baby enjoyed the trip and spent most of it squealing... Presumably to ward off bears.
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