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Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About 100-Milers (But Were Afraid to Ask)

I was recently volunteered to moderate a discussion panel at an upcoming Club Fat Ass speaker event.  The topic is the Western States 100-Mile Endurance run and how to run a 100-mile run

With the Western States lottery coming up in a few weeks and a stellar panel of Western States finishers assembled to share their knowledge, interest in the speaker evening is running high.

Speaker Series - Western States 100 and How to Train For a 100 Miler

Please join Club Fat Ass and Runner's Den for a entertaining and informative evening on November 22nd that explores the lunatic fringe of running:  The 100-miler.

There is a horse race in the gold rush country of California called the Tevis Cup.  When his horse went lame at the start of the race 34 years ago, Gordie Ainsley decided to challenge the course on foot.  Gordie ended up running the 100-mile distance faster than some of the horses.  Like Forrest Gump, he started a trend.

Preventative Training Methods for Runners and Athletes - Presentation

As part of their BC launch, and the first of the Impact Magazine Speaker Series presentations, Impact invites you to join them, and guest speaker Cale Dougans, (B.Hk, CSCS). Cale will be discussing preventative training methods for runners and athletes that effect the entire recreational population.
Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Location: Vata Brazil, 420 Richards (at Hastings)
7:00 pm
Complimentary refreshments and appetizers will be served
Along with some cool gifts from IMPACT Magazine!
Please rsvp to: info@impactmagazine.ca.

Slowly but surely

It's been 4 weeks to the day that I haven't run.  Thanks to lots of deep freezing I am glad to report that the acute inflammation in the Achilles tendon seems to be gone.  Between Ean's Patella Femoral syndrome and my heel we were literally fighting for the ice packs.  No nicer feeling than when you move your legs under the cover in bed only to come upon a half thawed bag of peas...

Sibylle's Training: 6 - 12 February

Another slow week. Must be fighting something as even the short runs feel hard.
Monday 6 February

  • 60 min trail run
  • 2hour downhill skiing at night

Tuesday 7 February



  • 20 min free weights at home

Wednesday, 8 February

  • downhill skiing at night

Thursday 9 February

  • 40min trail run

Friday 10 February

Keith's 2006 goals

My top one for this year will have to be :

1. Go to Leadville and complete it.

2. Run more with my son.

3. Focus more on having fun.

4. Have a successful event here in Idaho (Kick Ass 50/25).

Craig Moore's 2006 Goals

Here's my 2006 athletic wish list. A long time ago I thought I wasn't very competitive ... but apparently I am so watch out!

1) Do at least 1/2 hour of heart raising activity six days per week, for the entire year, including: Run, walk, swim, hike, snowshoe, bike, lift weights, etcetera ... does sex count? If it does I'm golden.

2) Achieve a new Personal Best time at the Knee Knacker (working toward a sub 7:30h) ... better luck next year.

Stretching after a long Run

Training for the Vancouver New Year's Fat Ass 50 is going well. Yesterday we tackled 3h on the course. Starting at Kits Point we headed west passed the pool and the old tree trunk on the beach, followed Point Grey Road to Jericho Beach. This used to be my home turf and running along the groomed gravel path always felt decadent. The views are magnificent with the the waters of English Bay stretching to the North Shore Mountains. At Spanish Banks we left the beach and clambered uphill into the trails of Pacific Spirit Park.

10 Reasons for Running In The Rain

Getting serious with my plans to run the Vancouver New Year's Day Fat Ass 50 and to not neglect my midweek runs, I couldn't find an excuse this morning for not heading out.

It was raining, really hard. The roads were flooded and the trails looked like giant mud puddles. Our furnace had broken down the day before and I was slowly turning into an icicle. Moving could only be good!

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