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Healthy Eating Workshop

Happy New Year!  I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas holidays like I did.  I took some much needed R & R and let myself indulge in some sweets, drinks and overeating a litte.  I still managed to get my workouts in and am on track with my marathon training, which I'm really enjoying. 
The next area I'm going to focus on is getting my nutrition back on track.  Sure I had fun on the holidays but I could feel a difference in my energy and body with the added sugar, alcohol and not being as diligant with getting my veggies in. 

2009 Silly Chili Triathlon

More photos are posted to this slideshow.

The Run.  13 starters.  All finished.  When we met at Griffin gym, it was pouring, but the rain mercifully stopped for an hour as we did intervals on Mosquito Creek trail.  Keegan Freeland was the speedster of the group.

Fat Fighting Veggies and A Recipe

I received a lot of positive response from last week's post regarding rules for good nutrition so I'll follow up this week with more useful nutrition information. 

The first piece of info. comes from my collegaue Mike Geary, author of a new ebook called Fat-Burning Kitchen.  Mikes sheds light on a specific class of vegetables that contain very specific phytonutrients that actually help to fight against abdominal fat.

Going on the wagon and rules for healthy eating

We had a fantastic summer here in BC and I hope you had as much fun as I did.  While the weather was great for enjoying the great outdoors it also contributed to me indulging a bit.  So to get my nutrition back on track I began a simple nutrition plan after the Labour Day weekend – I gave up alcohol and sugar. 

North Shore Challenge

Last night I was very honored to be invited to speak at the North Shore Challenge. This event was held to raise funds for the Harvest Project, a social service organization that helps people who are in tough circumstances help themselves.

The Chili Dilemma (continued)

I went to shop for some of my chili ingredients today.  Jackson accepted my challenge to concoct his own "authentic" chili.  He found a rattlesnake meat supplier, but the rattlesnake got stopped at the border.  I am not kidding.  Instead of rattlesnake I got beef for Jackson, not the ground kind...apparently he is chopping the meat up to desired bite size pieces.

A Real Texas Chili, Eh!

I have been researching chili recipes, cook off traditions and scoring etiquette in preparation for next Sundays bash at the T/J's.

Fat Ass 50 K trail bars at turnaround and GI problems

Does anybody know what the trail bars were at the turnaround of the Fat Ass 50K from the table run by Gottfried?  They were in a blue foil package which I stuffed into my pocket meaning to hang on to so I would know what they were,  but I must have thrown it out with my gel wrappers.  They were some kind of a mashed fruit product, maybe with seeds and nut mashed in there too.  I got a great amount of energy out of one bar and it seemed to sit really well in my stomach.

What's Cooking? Ean's Favorite Energy Bar

Tired of the old power bar? Guilty of diving into the cookie box one to many times? Here's a treat that serves the need of endurance athletes, yet is chock full of good stuff. Hey, it event passes Dom's vegan taste test...

What's Cooking - Eggplant?

lub Fat Ass; Recipe Exchange; Sibylles Kitchen;Grilled EggplantHere is an easy way (you notice the focus is on easy in my kitchen) to pep up your standby spaghetti dish. My children are no big fans of pasta, but they love the eggplants bake with cheese. Again, this is really a non-recipe. I don't think you can do much wrong apart from under cooking, so start prep early and then relax.

Ingredients (for two baking pans)

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