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Cathedral Epic Bag



The Choirboy Circuit

 During our 10.5 hour baggage expedition yesterday, David Crerar, Simon Cowell and I had lots of time to ponder things. The route we had chosen was new to the Bagger Challenge. "What will we call it?" I asked, assuming that, if we were successful, this route would become a classic. 
Many names were p

The Dickens Detour

The Seymour Sweep involves bagging all of the named peaks in the Fannin Range in one day.  This takes some doing.  Few have been successful.  Those who have experienced hardship.

The Bagging of Capilano

Capilano Mountain is one of the handful of peaks in the Bagger Challenge I'd not yet bagged, so when Neil contacted me about sneaking off to bag it mid-week, I was on it like white on rice.

Best Peaks to Bag in the Rain

With reference to the reasons why I love the Bagger Challenge, a key consideration for me is the reward of a panoramic view from the peak and the exhilarating feeling of being on top of the world.

Why I Love the Bagger Challenge

Yesterday (a week day), I bagged a peak for the first time with my friend Neil the ChickenMan.  Immediately upon my return, I went to a street party where none of the attendees were Baggers.  My non-bagging friends could not understand what could possibly motivate someone to play hooky and go for a 6-hour run on an obscure trail.  All this for bragging rights on a claim to have reached the peak of an obscure mountain peak and making it home alive in time for dinner.

Good question!

Wildlife Rescue Association Fundraiser

This just in from Yolanda Brooks of the Wildlife Rescue Association. Sounds like a fun way to support a local charity:

Why Run 100s?

"What in God's name would motivate anyone to even think about running 100-miles," a work colleague asked late Friday when I shared my weekend plans with her.

Stormy Trail Race Updates

For those of you following the Stormy 100 and 50 mile trail race and relay over the weekend...you can follow it via twitter/hashtag #stormyultra . Jackson, you better pay attention to this...

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