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Full Moon Frenzy 2013 - Race Report

After a course change due to political instability to our South, we ended up with 4 participats for the 2013 edition of the Full Moon Frenzy.  Returning champion & last year's King Of the Mountains, Alexis Guigue, proposed the idea to return to the Stein (after a failed plan in 2011 due to high snow).  We'd start at Lillooett Lake and finish in Lytton.  The upper Stein had apparently been "cleared" in 2012, so conditions should be "good" (foreshadowing).

2013 - Year 10 - Bill's Great Peak(s) Bagging

L to R: Spencer Sheinin; Matt Colpitts; Bill Dagg; Andy Healey
Starter photo - 28 July 2013


Mary Leliveld's Happy Trails Run (aka Triathlon) - 2013

2013-07-27 Keg at the Transition Area

2013 - Year 9 - Full Monty

Event Photo:
20 July 2013 - 6 Starters, 6 Finishers


Report:The 9th! annual "Monty"

This fact really shocked me wow...

Bill's Great Peak Ascent -- Only 6 days away

Hi all,

Bill's Great Peak Ascent is now only 6 days away (Sunday).   This year's event is an all new starting point and objective -- it's all about peak bagging (with a little running mixed in).  If you haven't checked it out, please visit the event site for details.  

Bill's Great Peak Ascent -- New Start; New Format -- Only 2 1/2 Weeks Away

In case you haven't had a peek at the event site, Bill's Great Peak Ascent has had a make-over!   We've changed the start location (now the Grouse Parking lot) and we've changed the objective -- not just 1 peak but up to 5!  It's a peak bagger's delight and a great opportunity for noobs and old-hands alike.   2.5 weeks until the adventure begins!   Sunday, July 28th.   

Hope to see you there!


2013 Vancouver 100

All Time Records and Statistics


Flash - Pure Foolishness 25K Results

It was nice to meet Paige at the start on Saturday morning.  Like Kristyl and Chris the previous weekend she also got tired of listening to a couple of Fools natter away about their running.  Unfortunately she didn't know the course, so had no choice but to stay with them to the end.

Paige has aspirations to do a 100 mile race.  Based on her speed and hill climbing ability she should do very well at that.


Flash - Dam Foolish 50K Results

It was nice to meet Krystil and Chris at the start on Saturday morning.  They ran with John and Karl for a while, but got tired of listening to how great the Fools used to be and headed off on their own.


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