2012 Vancouver 100

2 June 2012 - Starter Photo in Deep Cove

Event Report: coming soon

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First Last Distance Time Points
Hassan Lotfi-Pour 100km 14:35+ 2
Michael Wardas 100km 18:20 2
Kerry Ward 110km** 18:58 2
Pamela Keck 100km 20:41 2
Sean Lavin 100km*** 24:14 2
Simon Le Pine 100km*** 24:17 2
Kyndra Moeller 100km 32:28++ 2
Julie Flynn 87km 18:40 2
Suzanne  Johnson 87km 18:40 2
Joshua Barringer 75km 14:10 2
Shem Sharifi 75km 14:51 2
Ward Beemer 75km   2
David Crerar 50km 8:24 2
Neil Ambrose 50km   2
Chad Allen 50km   2
Dave Berg 38km   1
Carolyn King 25km   2
Sibylle Tinsel custom 2:25 2+1*
Rían Ó Maol Chonaire custom 1:06 2
Laddie Hannam custom   2
Liza Flemming custom   2
Andy Healey pacer   2
Dana Samis pacer   2
Ean Jackson pacer   2
Ray Levasseur pacer   2
Adam Way pacer   2
Nelson   crew   1
Ian   crew   1
Doug   crew   1
Craig Moore Event Host 2
+ course record      
++ course record      
* garbage point      
** 9th place finish, Ambleside Masters Mile, 5:30
*** to Horseshoe Bay Terminal and back  


There will be several pacers and crew tweeting runners locations and conditions.  Please join the conversation, Twitter hashtag #Van100


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David Crerar's picture

White on Black Bag

I put down a few Bagger Challenge Vancouver 100ers and 50ers for a bag of Black Mountain (a star-bag if your adventure started in Deep Cove) in the Bagger Challenge: happy to add more of you!

What a great day! 

Sibylle's picture

Started at 7:37 at Skyline,

Started at 7:37 at Skyline, ran east to Mountain Highway and back with a little unplanned detour on Dreamweaver - I just followed the pink flagging and arrows ;-) total time was about 2:20, but that included stopping and chatting with all the Vancouver 100 runners going the other way and patzing around with our new GoPro.  Great to see everybody.  Garbage point, too, please.


David Crerar's picture

A great day

but a lethargic and lazy perfomance by me: 8:24 50K

Thanks again for organising, Craig!

Craig Moore's picture

thanks David

Good for you for taking on the 50 again. You were there for the pleasant part of the day - it's pouring rain out at midnight. Thanks for toeing the start line with the gang.

What a great event and great people!

Thank you so much Craig!

The fog of the event is just starting to clear!!! Thank you for being at the finish to see me come in, I really appreciate it!

Thanks to John, Ken and Baldwin who were just hangin' to se us come in at 11:30 or so?

Congrats to all of you who ran through the night and in the rain, way to go!

I also want to thank my FAMILY for coming out in the 'almost' middle of the night to see me finish in the rain! Totally unexpected!

Thanks to my 'Adventure Mike crew' ! This is becoming a tradition where we get to spend quality time together watching me suffer and have a few laughs!

My pacers were:

DC to Cleveland - Stephane (OK maybe he didn't go that far but he was supposed to, more on that later...)

Cleveland to Nelson Canyon - Arash and Action Jackson! - what a blast these two were so much fun!

Nelson Canyon to Cleveland dam - Mike Forbes, this new dad was lucky enough to get out for a long run and had a ton of fun watching me struggle up Black!

Cleveland to DC - Colin, what can I say if you know Colin he wouldn't let me take it easy! Great guy and a great pacer!

and last but by no means least was Ian Baron, the glue of the Adventure Mike machine! He kept us all together, shuttled pacers all over the shore and probably burned a tank of gas in doing so! We estimates that he drives 2x as far as I run (if not more) in the same day.  Thanks bro!

Oh Colin remember how I said I would crew you (or pace you) for next year? Well I may have to discuss those details with you because I'm considering doing this beast again next year and obtaining my goal of sub 17!


Adventure Mike

Craig Moore's picture

Congratulations Mike!

Congratulations Mike! You did it again!!! The crews and pacers were amazing and so were you.

Dude I can't sleep...


I have to sort this out in my head. Every year I run this beast I do the Knee Knacker route. the only real deviations from the true BP are in 3 places that are significant to me:

  1. KK = Varley trail                    BP = suspension bridge, trail and road.
  2. KK = Black Mountain             BP = going around the base
  3. KK = Nelson creek                BP = going to Horseshoe Bay

So I ask you is everyone heading up and over Black mountain twice? For me I compare myself year over year (doing Black) , but I'm not sure what everyone else is doing.  The only pratical time saver in this scenario would be to avoid Black where I think you could easily save 15 minutes each way.

Your thoughts?



PS rockin time that Sammy set - the only way that time will get faster is if there is less snow. Can you believe I am thinking about doing this again next year? 

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