Speaker Event - Slideshow and Year End Social

4 Nov 2009 19:00
4 Nov 2009 21:00
975 Marine Drive, North Vancouver, BC Canada

What: Join Business Member Kintec and Club Fat Ass for a slideshow of outdoor adventures and a Club social wrap-up of the year.

Mix and mingle with some old running friends and make some new ones.  There will be a slideshow of images from past CFA events running in the background.

The focus of the evening will be a slideshow and tales from CFA members and their big adventure runs.  These will include Dave Smith's Iceland Ultra, the incredible adventures of the Fools and the Baggers Challenge.

The evening is free and everyone is welcome.

Registration: Free for members and non-members of Club Fat Ass.  Pre-registration is required, however, so we have enough pizza and drinks.


Jon Husband's picture

Hey, how about the Duel at the Pool ? You've got pictures ...

 .. but I guess you must be too worried about your rep on the street.  That must be why you did a manic frenzy of peak-bagging .. to overcome the loss of self-esteem suffered during the Drubbing in the Tub.

Sibylle's picture

Hey Jon, I didn't

Hey Jon,

I didn't participate in the duel, no rep to be worried about ;-)  If you have any photos of the duel, please upload to Flickr following the instructions at: http://www.clubfatass.com/help/general#include_photos  Probably a bit late for me to include in the first part of the slideshow (where we socialize while event photos run in the background), but I'll see if I can manage between work and slideshow tomorrow.

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