Capilano Canyon Night Run - Mardi Gras


  • A 90-minute run that starts in darkness in a suburban neighborhood, traverses the twilight zone, then stimulates your senses with a trail run in the mist and inky blackness of the Capilano Canyon
  • A guided Group run at a gentle pace for the socially-inclined and first time night runner
  • A Competitive category for those more motivated by the clock and the opportunity to rip their buddy's lungs out
  • A potluck party and celebration of Fat Tuesday
  • Entry limited to first 50, so please register early!
  • No aid. No t-shirt. No special marking

When and Where?

  • Saturday 16 February 2013 (3rd Saturday in February) at 6:30pm
  • Start/finish at the soccer field behind the Griffin Recreation Center, in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • See agenda for details on how to get there and course description

Who is Running?

How Much?

  • Free for Club Fat Ass members (click here for current membership benefits and dues)
  • Please sign up for both the club membership and the free event online and in advance. This will allow us to keep the membership fees low and the logistics before the event to a minimum.