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Rossland Run - Seven Summits Plus





You are invited to the inaugural Rossland Run on July 18th, 2009. Distance options (approximate) are 55 km and 25 km. The course will be 95% singletrack with lots of climbing - and what goes up must come down. The starting point would be the Seven Summit trail-head (by Nancy Greene lake) and the ending point would be our place - 1817 Planer Crescent. Cold beverages and a bbq will follow the event. 

Long Version

Time to get back into it - training versus time.

Well it is time when I realize that I should start training in earnest. Have a bit of a knee issue but it seems to be coming along (with lots of icing). But I am sure like a lot of you my biggest issue is the constant balancing act of finding the balance between family/career/training. Any suggestions or examples of how you deal with it? Pat Whose waistline has increased over the winter...

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