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Wasatch 100: Three Canadians get hammered

This is how the race ended for me and Shannon. Someone from the aids station way up in the Wasatch mountain, mile 28, gave us a ride back back to McDo in the town of Bountiful. We didn't have any money with us and were desperate for a shake. It was a bit of a battle but they finally agreed to let us consume their fine products on credit like any other restaurant. Lucinda picked us up 45 minutes later and that was it for us and the 2008 Wasatch 100 edition.

A few Fat Asses and 2 Coyote Moons

Well, the time has come for 5 club fat ass members to run the Coyote2Moon 100 Miler: Karl Jensen, John Machray, Chad Hyson, Al Harman and Gilles Barbeau are all crazy enough to be running this spectacular race.

7 out of 7 accomplished by the french Canadian FatAss

Well, at 4:44 moutain time, Gilles finished the 7th race of the season with 16 minutes to spare. Woohoo! In chronological order of accomplishment: McNaughton - Illinois Big Horn - Wyoming Tahoe Rim - Nevada Stormy - BC Cascade Crest - Washington Grand Tetons - Wyoming Wasatch - Utah After hearing all season, "they are not done yet". I can state that I never doubted his tenacity, determination and ability to do it. I am incredibly proud and happy that he was able to accomplish what he set out to do. Later, I will ask Gilles to help me withthe times.

Grand Tetons 100 mile ultra

Gilles is in the midst of running this incredibly beautiful race. Check out the blog: http://lucygilles.wordpress.com/2007/09/01/grand-tetons-100-miler/ Track his pace: http://grandtetonraces.com/individualTd.php?e=4

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