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No Nickel-and-Diming for NSR

To show my support for North Shore Rescue in the Knee Knackering North Shore Trail Run fundraising challenge in 2012, I collected pennies.

Ean Jackson's 2013 Fitness Resolutions

Jackson Gives Himself an A- ( 89% )


Can almost see the finish line of 2012...

Not a bad year from the personal athletic goal achievement perspective.  Could have done better with a new set of knees and lot fewer work hours every week, but I figure I earn a cookie for doing not bad at all with what I had to work with, especially because my list of goals was as long as my arm:

My 90 Days of Natural Running

No, I am not planning to run naked for the next 90 days...

Something has to budge.  I refuse to acknowledge that the wear and tear of 105 ultramarathons is why my knees hurt.  It has to be my shoes.  It looks like the one extreme of running barefoot has moved far enough toward the other extreme of running in climbing boots for me to try something a bit different.

"Natural running" is the term that is gaining ground on "barefoot running".  This mostly because "natural running" accepts that shoes are not our enemies.  

The Bagging of Hanover


Jackson Points to the peak of Hanover

Since I first became aware of Mount Hanover, it has loomed large as peak I had to stand on top of.  

Great Peak Ascent

Late July is a perfect time for a run in the mountains on Vancouver's north shore.  The weather is generally excellent, the snow is generally gone and the trails are generally mud-free.  The only challenge is picking a trail and running it!

My Adventure Pacing Adventure Mike




















Saving Lives - One Penny At A Time


North Shore Rescue

Sleeping in the Deep Freeze

I knocked another one off my bucket list this week.  Yes, I finally dug a snow cave and slept in it overnight.

This may seem like an odd thing for someone to want to do.  But ever since my buddy Paul Quinn shared a story about the night he spent in a relatively comfy hole in the snow as a blizzard raged above his head, I've wanted to do the same.

Ean Jackson's 2012 Fitness Resolutions

It's beginning to look like a trend:  Start the year with great expectations, injure myself, and hobble through the rest of the year.  Although I didn't set any world records, or even set any personal best athletic accomplishments in 2011, I'm please to say I'm ending the year in one piece and happy with how things turned out.  

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