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Good Luck Gary at Mt Masochist

So much comes down to good day vs bad day. Here's wishing Garry Robbins the very best day at Mt Masochist next Saturday. I know it will be your day, Garry - show them some serious Canadian talent!!

Dirty Diapers awesome

Are you ready for Go Deep on November 15?

I highly recommend this fantastic, beautiful course, especially in the rain. When we ran it, Mystery Falls were BIG and Dirty Diapers was a little unkempt and wonderfully technical.

More info through these links:

Congratulations Matt

Congratulations to Matt Sessions who ran Rocky Raccoon in 18:34 and then followed up with First Half 1/2 Marathon in 1:20 something. Great job, Fat Ass!!

Congrats to Western States lottery winners

Congratulations to the ones who were drawn: Gilles, Chad, Andy, Dom, Wade, Jeff and Marie. Disappointing for quite a few others but, hey, but it just means different challenges. Make a personal slam with any 4 "100's" of your choice. Don't forget STORMY!!

Fat Asses at Yeti Ascent

Great to see all the Fat Ass Club members at the Yeti Ascent today.  You guys rock!  From Deep Cove to the First Pump, on a really rainy day, now that's a challenge.  And Daniel was wearing his Fat Ass shirt..and shorts...good for you, Daniel! 

The day had its sadness too and when I heard how many racers responded, it made me glad to be part of this community of trail runners and snowshoers.

Mountain Highway Madness Fun

Hi Ean,
Just to let you know, I did do the 2 laps after all and my total time was 4:30. What a fabulous day. Aside from the snow and the great company, one of the highlights for me was being lapped by Mark at the Quarry on my second and his third lap.

Practice run for Forbidden Forest?

Kettle Moraine 100  has a 38 mile night fun run this year.  They're using it as a way to get people out on the course to encourage the ultras.  What a great idea.  Hope it turns into a trend.  Here's the link


Squamish Scrambler was Awesome

Hey Gary, The Squamish Snowshoe Scrambler was a fantastic day. It was incredibly beautiful and fun, right from the adventurous start. Thank you for organizing the event, the shoes, the car pools, the showers. It was all perfect.

Cheryl Johnson's 2006 Resolutions

Wow. The resolutions that have been posted are totally inspiring. Amazing and you are just the people to do it. But I have to say, don't wait. Do it now. Time goes by in a blink.

My main, number one 2006 goal is to run faster. I'm having fun but I need to work on that. It can be measured easily because I'm doing many of the same races, plus a few:

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