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Stroke Yourselves ...

.. said the coiach to the big fish wriggling impaiently in front of him.

The 2006 Kits Pool 5K Challenge ...

Duel at the Pool - 1
... is now over.

Today, September 12, 2006 Lesser Mako Jackson and Maybe Dick Husband splashed to a decisive draw today on a beautiful mid-September super-natural BC day.  Jackson first used the obvious manipulative ploy all weenies use when announcing this morning that today was the only day this week that he could perhaps take enough time from his supposedly over-crowded schedule to try to gain the Kits 5K Challenge.

Of course, to announce his constraint he picked 7 hours after Maybe Dick (or "wise" fatherly figure to the psychologically and emotionally imbalanced Jackson - a boy in a man's body) got off a 5 hour flight from Toronto after putting in a grueling 12 hour day the previous day.  Regardless of the bogus handicapping, the whale shark agreed to give him a go.

It was a magnificent and delightful disaster for our dynamic duo.  Lesser Mako was obliterated over the first 500m leg as the whale showed just how powerfully dominant he was over medium distances.  For the second 500m leg, Lesser Mako picked up some points as Maybe Dick abruptly was reminded that he had just gotten out of a cab from a late-night flight 8 or 9 hours previously.

A quick confab confirmed with Lesser Mako that he would become the "official winner", as Maybe D was not prepared to battle it out over 40 lengths after being handed - nay, confronted - with such an obvious and devious handicap as being forced into the swim with essentially no notice and no choice.

Chomp ! Chomp !! ...

Chomp !! ... Chomp !!!!

Chomp !!!!!!!

Extreme Shark Makeover

... from whale to Great White.

With dogged determination and dedicated discipline, the whale shark is splashing his way towards transmogrification into the most feared animal in the oceans .. the Great White Shark.

Pitying My Poor Friend

Here's what I look like as I whip the butt of my buddy Ean (Little Mako) Jackson

Can you hear the  ROOOAAARRRR !

Whale Shark Announcement ... Regular Butt Whipping For "Little Mako: Jackson

I put in another 24-length training day at Kits Pool today, in preparing for a complete trashing of Ean "Mako Shark" Jackson's cute little white butt.

Come one, come all ..
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