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Green Summer Challenge

     Last week, filling up my gas tank cost me over $50 for the first time ever. After paying, I got to thinking about how I could reduce the amount I drive to save a little dough. It didn't take long to determine that there are very few (if any) things that I need my car for. I could bike/transit just about anywhere I go. So I challenged myself (and anyone else who wants to be challenged). The challenge: No car, all summer.


February Progress Report - Low Mileage, Good Races

February turned out to be a great month for races, but an average month for mileage. A minor injury, a couple of taper weeks, and a recovery week kept my weekday miles at well under my goal of 50 weeday kms per week. As for the other resolutions, riding to school 3 times/ week has been much easier now that it isn't raining everyday, I am still keeping a log of all my runs and rides, and my eating habits weren't as good as they were in Jan, but are still better than they were last year.

January Progress Report -- So far so good

A full month into the new year, and I seem to be keeping my resolution quite well. Although I don't have a resolution event until the Dirty Duo in March, all my training goals have been met in January. 50 km/week, riding to school 3 times/week, eating better, and keeping it all in a log.

Geoff Palmer's Resolutions

I am going to use the same format that Jackson did... "events" and "other" goals.

Might be a bit ambitious to do all of them, but I've never really been one to set my sights low.

5 seconds too slow

I've heard that the saddest day in a boy's life is when he realizes that he is faster than his father.... unfortunately I'm going to have to wait a few more months to know that feeling.

Silvertip 50 Race Report

As my first ever blog, I am going to do a race report of the Silvertip 50 km trail run. As a backgrounder, the Silvertip 50 km is the last race of the BC Montrail ultrarunning series. The start/end point of the run is in Sunshine Valley close to Hope.

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