Seawall100 2013 Nutrition Notes

For all those nutrition nerds out there, this was my strategy for the Seawall 100. In general my diet is pretty good. I avoid sugar, wheat, large amounts of high meg6 rich vegetable oil. I stick to identifiable real foods and avoid processed / junk foods. 

10 days before I bumped up the fat intake to get the body used to keto burning efficiently. 2 days before, I added more quality carbs (such as beer - beer is a quality carb right?) to top up the glycogen tanks. So the hope was that I would be good at burning both body fat and glucose....

Seawall100 2013

My first CFA event at last! Joined a few months back so somewhat overdue. Good to meet Karl, Sybille and Kyndra at the start. Also huge thanks to Margot, Sean, Sarah and Peter for 5 star support and pro photos to mark the occasion.
My personal goal was to improve on my furthest distance run to date (marathon) by trying for a 50km.

2013 Bagger Challenge links



Wild Mountain Time: The Bagger Quaich Champions 2013

Your 2013 Bagger Champions:

Full Moon Frenzy 2013 - Race Report

After a course change due to political instability to our South, we ended up with 4 participats for the 2013 edition of the Full Moon Frenzy.  Returning champion & last year's King Of the Mountains, Alexis Guigue, proposed the idea to return to the Stein (after a failed plan in 2011 due to high snow).  We'd start at Lillooett Lake and finish in Lytton.  The upper Stein had apparently been "cleared" in 2012, so conditions should be "good" (foreshadowing).

Paton and Coliseum on Sun Aug 4th

Looks like there will be a few of us assembling at the Gazebo on Sun at 8am to tackle the bike and scramble/hike/run to Paton and Coliseum (potentially Burwell?).

There are a few posts on the Peak Bagger site about this, so just reply to this one or one of the other posts if you'd like to come.

Remember to be self sufficient and have enough liquid and food for at least a 4 hour outing (more to be safe).


Knee Knacker 2013, The 25th installment - Nightmare Training, but DREAM race!

Cheers to the KKNSTR – the 25th Anniversary!

(Our 5th wedding anniversary occured while in B.C. for the KKNSTR. Above: Lauren and I at U Brew on Clark Street - bottling with Ean and Linda Leigh)

Reverse trail triathlon

Hello All

I am considering a format change to Mary Leliveld’s Happy Trails. As she was an avid triathlete I was thinking of putting on a reverse triathlon – which would be a trail run followed by a trail bike and then a lake swim. I am thinking that the run would be anywhere from a half hour to an hour, bike about an hour or two and then swim of about 20-30 minutes. You would still need to ride back to the start but I`m still going to call it a triathlon!  Please add a comment if you want me to put this on.



Kennedy Falls



Let the 2013 Bagger Challenge begin.

All peaks are now open for bagging in the contest.

Most peaks are still very snowy! Use caution! Bag with a buddy!




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