Speaker Event - Backcountry Preparation

26 May 2011 18:30
26 May 2011 20:00
Kintec - 975 Marine Drive, North Vancouver, BC Canada

 What: An informative seminar on how to reduce the chances of coming to grief the next time you're in the back-country.

  • 6:30 - Mix and mingle.  Catch up with your running, hiking, peak-bagging and other pals.  Meet some new ones.  Share some laughs.  Cook-up some plans. 
  • 7:00 - Start. 

Our speakers are Allan McMordie and Ken Legg.  Both are residents of North Vancouver and members of Club Fat Ass.  Both are exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable about back-country safety and they each bring unique perspectives to this evening:

Allan McMordie has been a volunteer with North Shore Rescue for 32 years.  He has been involved in over 1,000 rescues in the North Shore mountains.  Most with successful outcomes for the subjects, some less so.   An active runner, Allan also enjoys hiking, kayaking, road biking and bagpipes.

Ken Legg's love for the great outdoors started with mountaineering and back-country skiing.  He has climbed hundreds of mountains in North America, Asia and South America, made a few first ascents and put up some classic lines on peaks such as Wahoo Tower.  With cunning strategy he edged Jackson and Crerar out to win the inaugural Bagger Challenge.  In the process, he has faced many challenges, much physical hardship and the occasional miserable night.  Ken is also an avid sailor who has been working his 19 foot open sailboat up the deep inlets of the BC coast in search of peaks worth scrambling up.   Most recently, Ken has been doing a little trail running, with one 100-mile run under his belt.

  • 8:00 - Questions. 
  • 8:15 - Reconvene at the Taylor's Crossing pub where you can continue to ask questions of the experts over a cool one

Who:  Everyone welcome.  This will be of particular interest to trail runners, peak-baggers, hikers and anyone else who gets off the beaten path.    

Cost: Free.   Please note that out of support for the efforts that folks like Allan make to save our sorry asses when we come to grief while playing in the back-country, we ask that you consider making a donation to North Shore Rescue.  We will pass the hat at the event.

Registration: There will be a place to park your bum or stand and light munchies for the first 40 to RSVP here.

Who is coming: Check out who has signed-up here.



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Thank you Ken and Allan!

A great big "Thank you!" to Allan McMordie and Ken Legg for sharing their experience last night. Here are some of the pearls of wisdom I came away with:

  • have a trip plan for your outdoor adventure and share it with someone or everyone (e.g. post it on the Club Fat Ass website or Facebook!)
  • enjoy the sunshine and singing birdies, but always consider what would happen if you broke your foot while out alone on a trail run (that one's for you, Gary Robbins)
  • the photo of you naked at the summit of a remote mountain peak may get a few sniggers from your pals and count for points in the Bagger Challenge, but same photo with Allan's 10 safety essentials in the background gets you a thumbs up from North Shore Rescue (I think that was directed at me)
  • duct tape is a good thing to carry in a trail runner's hydration pack: great for closing gaping wounds and 1000 other useful things
  • don't count on your cell phone to save your sorry, lost ass... especially if it is out of range or batteries
  • get a GPS ap for your smart phone and, if you can reach 911, report your coords in degrees and minutes

Thanks, Kintec, for hosting the evening.  When the hat was passed, over $100 was raised for SAR. You can buy good karma anytime with an online donation: www.northshorerescue.com

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